Peruvian village horrified by attacks from 'giant yellow-eyed aliens'

Peruvian villagers claim that aliens standing at two meters tall attack them every night.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Residents of a Peruvian village known as the Haikito tribe have been living in fear as they claim to be under repeated attacks by towering, two-meter-tall creatures. These menacing entities with luminous yellow eyes, dubbed "Los Falcaras" or "the face peelers," have instilled terror in the hearts of the indigenous community of San Antonio, located in Alto Nanai, northeast of Lima.

Distraught and desperate, the villagers implored the Peruvian military for assistance, initiating night patrols to safeguard their vulnerable population from these mysterious beings. Their accounts have caught the attention of local media, recounting encounters with these enigmatic figures dressed in dark hoods, responsible for a series of assaults that commenced on July 11.

The reports

Reports indicate that the assailants, impervious to conventional weapons, have left the villagers sleepless and fearful for their safety. A chilling incident saw a 15-year-old girl hospitalized after narrowly escaping an attack that injured her neck. Jairo Ritguy Davila, the community's leader, recounted her harrowing experience, emphasizing the dire need for intervention. "The aliens seem impervious to harm. I fired at one twice, yet he emerged unscathed and vanished. We are living in constant dread," he lamented.

These peculiar beings, described as possessing elongated heads and vivid yellow eyes, have been relentlessly assaulting the villagers every night. Even Jairo Ritguy Davila came face-to-face with one, revealing, "I encountered one up close. His visage was scarcely discernible. I witnessed his entire body suspended about a meter above the ground."

Struggling to protect their community, the villagers pleaded for military support. However, the village's remote location required a grueling 10-hour river journey from Iquitos City. The isolation has taken a toll on the villagers, especially the children and mothers, who now face sleepless nights.

How do the aliens look?

Oddly, the peculiar characteristics attributed to the "aliens" – circular hovering footwear, elongated heads, and their proficiency at eluding capture – resemble creatures from local folklore known as "plakaras." These creatures are believed to feed on human flesh, fat, and organs.

Despite their desperate pleas, the government remains unconvinced of extraterrestrial involvement. Instead, their attention has turned towards a more earthly explanation. Emerging evidence points to a gang of illicit gold miners who have tried to terrify the villagers to secure their illegal operations.

The illegal gold mining syndicates, linked to infamous drug cartels such as "O Primeiro Comando da Capital" in Brazil and "Clan del Golfo" in Colombia, have been accused of orchestrating the attacks. These syndicates have exploited the allure of gold mining, deemed more lucrative and less risky than drug trafficking. The remote location of the Haikito tribe presents an ideal opportunity for these criminals to establish their operations.

As the Peruvian National Prosecutor's Office investigates, the trail leads directly to the illegal gold miners. These criminals have employed advanced technology, including jetpacks, to intimidate and subdue the villagers. Carlos Castro Quintanilla, the Peruvian government prosecutor overseeing the investigation, remarked, "Their utilization of cutting-edge propeller technology for flight is evident."

The illegal mining cartel, identified as the "Bafías de Extranjeros," has set up its gold extraction plant in Loreto's secluded regions. This operation is heavily focused on the Alto Nanai river basin, which lies northwest of Loreto's capital, home to the beleaguered Haikito tribe.

Loreto's environmental prosecutor, Quintanilla, disclosed the syndicates' modus operandi. He revealed, "Our investigation reveals that these individuals employ jetpacks to access these locations." This narrative suggests that the gold cartels strategically employ jetpacks for both criminal pursuits and the enactment of their eerie, terror-inducing assaults, diverting attention from their illicit gold-mining endeavors.

In essence, what was initially perceived as an extraterrestrial onslaught emerges as a meticulously orchestrated campaign by illegal gold mining cartels to strike fear into the hearts of a vulnerable community, thereby preserving their secret operations.

As investigations continue, the villagers of Haikito are left to grapple with the reality that their fearsome nocturnal assailants are not from the cosmos but rather the earthly realm – a revelation as disturbing as the initial encounters themselves.

During the past weekend, the Peruvian Navy engaged in a confrontation with illegal miners. They successfully dismantled oil barrels, a water pumping system used for gold extraction, and other equipment belonging to the miners. However, no hover pods were discovered during the military operations over the weekend.