Aliens, or extraterrestrial life, has been the fascination of humanity for decades. The existence of life, especially intelligent life, outside of Earth, would have significant ramifications philosophically and geo-politically. 

Several endeavors exist for searching living beings in outer space. These include searches through analysis of radio waves, as well as missions to Mars. 

Some assert that Earth has already been visited by extraterrestrials. There have been sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), also called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), around the world for decades. There has been a push by activists to get governments to release their documentation of UFOs. 

Aliens feature heavily in popular culture. They have been depicted as non-sentient monsters, intelligent world conquerors, and superheroes. The world’s most recognizable superhero, Superman, is an alien. This has created both fear and fascination with the idea that humanity may not be alone in the universe. 

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Pictures of alien-like creatures crawling out of the sea cause panic

People got very concerned about viral pictures of creatures looking like 'a headless octopus' crawling out of the sea in South Africa.


Israeli-backed Breakthrough Listen expands search for alien life

Breakthrough Listen is one of the projects of the Breakthrough Initiatives and is a leading mainstream scientific initiative for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Is there life on Mars? Conan the Barbarian bacteria suggests maybe - study

The discovery that Conan the Bacterium could have survived Mars-like conditions suggests that bacteria native to the Red Planet might have developed the capacity to do the same.

Will the new Compact Color Biofinder find alien life?

According to its developer, the Biofinder can detect minute amounts of bio-residue on a rock, works from a distance of several meters, and takes video.

Scientists receive mysterious signals from space: Israel's Uri Geller says aliens

Israeli mystic Uri Geller was specifically referring to the curious case of Voyager 1, a space probe launched by NASA in 1977, now sending "confused" signals.


Wow! Signal: Origin of possible alien signal narrowed down - study

Detected in 1977, the Wow! Signal is the strongest candidate for a genuine alien transmission, but where did it come from? This study may have the answer.


The Israelis using NASA's James Webb to study the universe

NASA’s James-Webb telescope will photograph distant galaxies in an attempt to see how we all began, and search for other forms of life on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

Is there life on Venus? This privately-funded mission seeks to find out

INTERGALACTIC AFFAIRS: New mission will investigate the atmosphere of Earth’s seemingly inhospitable neighbor to see if bacteria live in its clouds, and solve other mysteries in the process.


Life on Venus? Privately-funded mission set to probe Earth's neighbor for life

The Venus Life Finder Missions is a private effort by MIT researchers led by Jewish-American scientist Sara Seager and backed by Breakthrough Initiatives.

Kew Gardens, Queens, New York City.

No alien can shake up clan of NY Jews in ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’

We never actually see any aliens. Only the potential of their existence concerns anyone, and even this nugget of information is more or less forgotten by the movie’s end.

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