Chilling revelation: Ice baths awaken passion

A former Miss Fitness Brazil discovers a surprising side effect from her ice bath: Increased libido.

  (photo credit: pixels)
(photo credit: pixels)

Do you find your libido in a slump? Perhaps an icy dip can fan the flames.

Dr. Camila Levine, a Brazilian physician and former Miss Fitness Brazil contestant, claims that ice baths have not only helped her with muscle pain but have also ignited her sex drive, transforming her intimate life. In a recent interview, Camila, who competed in the 2022 Miss Fitness competition, revealed that she felt a surge in desire after subjecting her body to the icy depths of a bath.

"It genuinely stokes my sexual appetite," shared the 31-year-old Camila with "I believe it's a fantastic workout for our overall health. It took me by surprise; I never expected it. Now, I always have a few bags of ice ready for my bath."

Camila initially turned to ice baths to alleviate muscle discomfort, unaware of the unexpected boost it would bring to her libido.

This doctor, who also boasts 67,000 followers on her Instagram page, where she identifies as athletic and fitness inspiration, said, "Immersing in an ice bath alleviates symptoms like swelling and redness." She highlighted the added advantages, saying, "It also promotes vasoconstriction, reducing local blood flow and cell permeability."

Levine isn't alone in her belief

Dr. Robert Galter, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Lennox Hill Hospital on Manhattan's Upper East Side, endorsed Levine's advice for those seeking to enhance their sex lives.

"Preliminary studies suggest that immersion in cold water can stimulate the release of a hormone from the pituitary gland in the brain," he explained. "This hormone release may increase testosterone production in men and stimulate ovulation and progesterone production in women, potentially leading to heightened libido."

While medical opinions on these claims may vary, Levine isn't the first to champion the libido-boosting properties of ice baths. Last year, Singaporean sexologist Dr. Oberdan Marianty told the South China Morning Post that he believed ice baths improved sexual performance and experiences by enhancing blood flow.

"Physiologically, a significant aspect of our sexual experiences relies on a robust cardiovascular system and a healthy nervous system, as both the penis and the vulva are erectile organs dependent on strong blood flow for engorgement and intercourse," he said. "When the body is exposed to extreme cold, blood vessels constrict, especially in the limbs, redirecting blood to vital organs." Dr. Glatter also informed The Post that ice baths might lead to "increased blood flow to the genitals, resulting in heightened sexual arousal in the hours that follow." Nevertheless, he cautioned that more comprehensive research is required to confirm these effects.

Dr. Mark Hyman, who recently made headlines by claiming to have a "biological age two decades younger than his actual age," has also voiced his fondness for ice baths. In an Instagram post, he asserted that "ice baths and other hydrotherapies bolster the immune system, alleviate inflammation, treat autoimmune conditions, relieve pain, accelerate recovery from sports injuries, and significantly enhance insulin sensitivity."

Celebrities have also joined the chorus

Earlier this year, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian shared images on Instagram, immersed in ice baths. Kourtney was so enamored with the experience that she splurged $7,500 on her very own ice bath tub.