Conspiracy theorists: 3 main signs the end of the world is approaching

Researchers in the field of conspiracy theories speculate the end of the world as three biblical events unfold in the Middle East.

 God's Creation of earth  (photo credit: PIXABAY)
God's Creation of earth
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

A series of remarkable occurrences have left conspiracy theorists pondering their significance.

Event No. 1

The first event involved the birth of a red cow in Israel after a span of 2,000 years. In both Christianity and Judaism, this animal is associated with the "last days."

Event No. 2

Against the odds, fish and plants have been discovered in the sinkholes of the Dead Sea, a salty environment that typically cannot sustain life.

Event No. 3

Finally, a snake unexpectedly emerged from the stones of the Western Wall, startling worshippers.

Some researchers suggest that these extraordinary incidents might be a sign that "the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah will soon be fulfilled," as reported by The Mirror.

The red cow's birth in 2018 sparked concerns among believers. According to Jewish tradition, the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem is preceded by the birth and sacrifice of a red cow. In Orthodox Judaism, rebuilding the New Temple signifies the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

The cow underwent an extensive examination to determine if it met the criteria of being "flawless." Expert rabbis subsequently confirmed the animal to be a "viable candidate for the biblical red cow."

As if these events were not enough, reports emerged of fish being found in the Dead Sea, an environment with such high salt content that it is generally inhospitable to life. The Dead Sea contains approximately 37% salt, 10 times more than the ocean. According to Ezekiel, a priest and prophet from the New Testament, the Dead Sea "will contain life in it at the end of days."

 The Dead Sea (credit: PXFUEL)
The Dead Sea (credit: PXFUEL)

To conclude this series of remarkable events, Israeli media reported a few years ago that a snake was captured on video slithering out of the Western Wall, startling worshippers present. Videos released by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation depicted the reptile emerging from a wall hole and carrying a dove, symbolizing "dangerous times" as described in the book of Genesis.