Here's how to safely unlock a car without the keys

A viral video demonstrating a unique technique for unlocking a car window has sparked a debate about its potential misuse by thieves.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube often offer creative solutions for everyday problems, but not all of them are intended for the greater good.

One such example is a video that recently went viral, leaving viewers divided on whether it reveals an ingeniously simple method for breaking into vehicles.

It all began with an attempt to showcase a peculiar yet seemingly effortless trick for gaining access to a locked car using a plunger – the same tool typically used for unclogging sinks or toilets.

Many viewers were intrigued by the innovation and efficiency of this method, especially in situations where one might accidentally lock their keys inside the car or, even worse, leave a child locked inside. However, there were concerns that it could provide thieves with a quick and stealthy way to break into cars.

The video, posted by Paul Vu, features a man wearing a blue bandana standing in front of a locked car door with a baby doll inside, simulating a rescue scenario.

"My primary goal right now is to get this baby out of the car," the man declares as the doll clings to the passenger side window. 

Here's what he does:


Man shows how he open car window with plunger

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The man strategically places three pieces of duct tape underneath and on the sides of the pump to prevent it from slipping during operation. He even advises viewers that they can "add a few more pieces of duct tape to ensure stability. You can never have too much duct tape."

With both hands, the man grips the pump and effortlessly lowers the locked window, providing just enough space to reach inside and unlock the vehicle. This entire process takes less than a minute.

Millions of people are watching

Since its posting, the video has garnered over 6 million views and received more than 400,000 likes.

In a separate video, another TikTok user put this creative method to the test, using two pumps and omitting the duct tape. Placing the two pumps side by side, he grabs each one by hand and quickly slides down the window of his locked car door in under 30 seconds. It turns out, it's possible to do it without adhesive tape, using only two pumps:

What viewers had to say

While some commenters were impressed by this simple yet effective way to access a locked car, others expressed concern about its potential misuse. One user shared a personal experience, saying, "I locked my keys inside my car, and this method worked for me. Getting a pump is not a problem because most of the time, you're at home or near a store when it happens."

Another expressed gratitude: "Thank you, because calling a locksmith costs too much."

On the flip side, many responses conveyed unease about sharing this information, fearing it might make car theft more accessible.

An irate commenter wrote, "You just made breaking into a car much easier."

Another voiced a similar sentiment, saying, "You've just taught potential thieves how to break in without breaking the window." A third commenter even facetiously thanked the video's publisher, remarking, "Brother, you've just given me a lesson in car theft. Thanks."