Florida man arrested for driving over speed limit, Bud light cans in car

The Florida man was arrested after swerving, driving past stop signs, and speeding.

A police vehicle from Jacksonville, Florida police. (photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)
A police vehicle from Jacksonville, Florida police.
(photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)

A Florida man was taken to jail after police clocked his truck going 80 miles per hour (129 kph.) in a 45-mile-per-hour zone (approx. 72 kph.) early Monday morning, Fox 35 Orlando reported on Wednesday.

Florida police wrote in the arrest affidavit that they had witnessed the man, 33-year-old Travis Pellico, swerving in his white truck multiple times, driving past stop signs, and, at times, going nearly double the speed limit.

Further, the deputy who made the arrest had nearly been hit by Pellico as he sat in his patrol vehicle after the Florida man’s truck encroached into his lane.

Police noted that they had subsequently brought Pellico to Marion County Jail in Ocala, in central Florida.

A failed sobriety test

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, after pulling him over, Pellico refused to take a field sobriety test. Reportedly, however, he exhibited behaviors consistent with intoxication such as being unsteady on his feet after exiting his vehicle and struggling to gain his balance.

 A Daytona Beach police vehicle. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A Daytona Beach police vehicle. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Additionally, the Fox 35 Orlando report noted that police described Pellico as having a "very strong odor of an intoxicating beverage emitting from his breath," having watery, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech.

Pellico’s truck was towed from the scene where it had been pulled over, however not before Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies found three empty beer bottles in the truck’s center console as well as additional empty beer cans littered in the back of the truck.

A cooler was also located in the truck that still held a full beer. Further, a nearly empty beer Bud Light was found in one of the truck’s cupholders.

Police reported that the nearly empty Bud Light was cold when they found it.

Not Pellico’s first arrest

Fox 35 Orlando noted that Pellico had been arrested in 2018 on more violent charges. Reportedly, the man had been charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

The report did not mention what implications Pellico’s previous charge may have on consequences he might face as a result of his recent arrest.