Netanyahu stumps the world-famous mentalist

Lior Suchard reads minds, but can't quite get inside the prime minister's head

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mentalist Lior Suchard January 10 2018
Kim Kardashian. Zac Efron. Jennifer Lopez. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. What do they all have in common? Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard has tried to read all of their minds. But only one of them managed to stump the world-famous entertainer.
During a press conference for foreign press in Jerusalem Wednesday night, Netanyahu asked Suchard if he could guess what he had drawn and written on a folded up piece of paper in front of him.
"You've challenged me, now I want to challenge him," Netanyahu told the audience of foreign journalists. "So I drew something. There's no way you could have seen this."
While Suchard was still a bit distracted trying to guess the PIN code of a reporter from Nigeria, he gamely attempted to recreate what the prime minister had drawn. But, in a rare moment for Suchard, he came up short. After Netanyahu revealed his drawing - a menorah with the words "Am Yisrael Chai" - Suchard admitted he hadn't come close.
"I was completely off," he said. "I'm not gonna show you, I'm not gonna show you what I've done. This is amazing."
And with that, Netanyahu left the stage, triumphant in his own little game.