Police warn of dangerous substance: Girl scout cookies

Officers at the Ravenna Police Dept in Ohio has selflessly offered to stand in the line of fire on this one.

Girl Scout cookies (photo credit: MARIT AND TOOMAS HINNOSAAR)
Girl Scout cookies
A police department in Ohio has selflessly offered to protect its citizens by setting up a disposal unit for a very dangerous substance: girl scout cookies.
In a joke post on their Facebook page, the Ravenna Police Department warned: "We wanted to make our community aware of a highly addictive substance that is about to hit the streets. These items go by a variety of names like “Thin Mints”, “S’mores” and “Lemonades” just to name a few."
"These items are distributed by strong, smart, fearless young women who will lure you in with their story and get you hooked," they added.
In real life girl scout cookies are distributed by young female entrepreneurs working hard to get an important taste of what is required to be successful: skills such as teamwork, planning and a positive outlook. The proceeds go toward funding character-building experiences for American girls, whether it be at camp, on a trip, or by taking part in a local project.
But there is a dark side to the cookies too, the police jested: "We know many people think 'I will just get one box.' But one turns into two and two turns into five and the next thing you know you are hiding “Thin Mints” in the freezer.
"We want you to know we are here for you. We have set up a disposal location for these “cookies” at the police department. Just drop them off 24/7 and we will properly dispose of them for you."
Locals thanked their officers for alerting them to the dangers of girl scout cookies. "Very caring department to get these "bad" things off the streets of Ravenna! Thank you for your continued dedication to our city’s citizens!" said DeNiece Cherry, while Tanya Holbrook warned the threat was spreading, posting: "The highly addictive substance has made its way into Kentucky."