Report: Syrian refugee held a Jewish antique in his Turkish home

The man claimed he thought it must be fake.

Torah scroll (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Torah scroll
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A priceless Jewish object that, if authentic, would be priceless was discovered at the house of a Syrian refugee now residing in the south of Turkey, Hurriyet Daily News reports.
When local police was informed that the man was smuggling historical items, they raided his home and found a scroll of antelope skin with Hebrew letters on it, Turkish media reported on Friday.
The scroll contains a modern Hebrew text, which might point to it being a fake. It was found in what seemed to be the decorated container within which Torah scrolls are placed.
This is only one of the objects found.
The man, Khalid al-Haj Ahmed, claimed he thought the objects were fake and that he bought them in Syria for the sum of $4,000.
All the objects were sent to the Adana Museums Directorate to be examined.