Liberman slams UN for not ridding Gaza of Hamas

Foreign Minister warns against UN institutions being used as platform to promote terrorism.

Liberman and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon (photo credit: YOSSI ZAMIR)
Liberman and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
(photo credit: YOSSI ZAMIR)
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman responded Wednesday night to the UN condemning Israeli attacks on UNRWA facilities as “outrageous, unacceptable, and unjustifiable.”
UN officials should ensure their facilities are not being used to store weapons and launch rocket attacks, the foreign minister said, adding that institutions such as the UN Human Rights Council must not become a platform to embolden and encourage terrorism.
Had the UN been fulfilling its duties, in accordance with the principles on which it was founded, the organization would create an international body to rid Gaza of Hamas' terror regime rather than wait for Israel to do it.
Earlier this afternoon, the UN General Assembly strongly criticized both Israel and Hamas for the 28 days of fighting that have left over 1,800 dead, and thousands more wounded.
Though the UN chief recognized Israel's right to defend itself and its civilian population, he said that did not justify attacks on UNRWA facilities, which jeopardized the lives and safety of thousands of civilians.
“This cease-fire has come at a price that is almost too much to bear, The massive death and destruction in Gaza have shocked and shamed the world,” Ban said. “People on both sides have the right to life, but also the right to life free from fear.”
The only solution for a sustainable peace agreement was a political settlement between both parties.