August 14: All tied up

The UN has for decades tied Israel's hands, enabling its neighbors to go on murdering Israelis.

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letters to the editor 88
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All tied up Sir, - The UN has for decades tied Israel's hands, enabling its neighbors to go on murdering Israelis. This latest cease-fire ties Israel's hands so that Hizbullah, a military wing of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran, can claim victory and prepare for a much bigger attack on Israel. That Israel's government accepted the UN proposal - which doesn't even involve punishing Iran for starting the war - is immoral. How many disasters will it take to realize that appeasement of evil promotes evil? Many good people have given their lives to create and preserve an oasis of freedom and prosperity called Israel in a desert of despotism. Israel's government is not only imperiling its present and future citizens, it's destroying the noble legacy of its forefathers ("Israel expected to approve UN cease-fire today," August 13). GLENN WOICESHYN Calgary Sir, - Embarrassing. There is no other way to sum up Israel's performance during this war. Olmert was clearly in way over his head and must be replaced by someone with military and leadership experience. Next time Hizbullah attacks, hit them with the kitchen sink on the first day, and then every day thereafter until the desired result. And when Condi calls, don't answer the phone. ABE KRIEGER Philadelphia Darfur revisited Sir, - Darfur was supposedly going to be a great UN achievement. There were rallies all over supporting the May 5 peace deal; the UN glowed with its success. Now the UN cites its own failure, admitting that violence has continued, that the government of Sudan has not helped and, more important, that it has continued to be ineffective as violence among competing armed groups persists. What a lesson for the Israeli leadership which, having failed to protect its own people, now turns to the UN for support. Unthinkably for a country that once proudly declared it would be responsible for its own security, the Olmert government has placed Israel's security in the hands of a UN dominated by Muslim Arabs seeking now and always to dismember it forever. In doing so the government has made Israel a focus of international derision ("Olmert tackled from the Right and Left for accepting UN resolution," August 13). TOBY WILLIG Jerusalem What achievement? Sir, - How can Herb Keinon say with a straight face that the "Resolution meets 'essential demands'" (August 13), and that it "could be seen as an achievement for Israel"? The two reasons Ehud Olmert sent us to war, he said, were to disarm Hizbullah and return our captured soldiers. Neither of these is anywhere resolved in the UN resolution. AVIGDOR BONCHEK Jerusalem The crux is... Sir, - UN Resolution 1701 is about what was expected. It's biased toward the Arabs, but not egregiously so, meaning we should accept it. However, I'd like to point out the two most ridiculous paragraphs. OP5 says Lebanon should abide by the 1949 Armistice Agreement. Notice how the UN couldn't bring itself to admit that the Arab League declared war in 1948, and demand that the Lebanese accept Israel's existence. OP6 is just as hypocritical. It says the international community should help rebuild Lebanon. It doesn't once say it should help Israel's bombarded North. Why is it the aggressor receives help and the defender doesn't? Oh, right, we're Jews. DAVID TEICH Rehovot ...Israel's existence Sir, - There can be no valid hudnas, negotiations, UN resolutions, settlements, truces, road maps or anything else of any use until the first move has been made - one that is still disgracefully incomplete after nearly 60 years. Quit the pretence, and stop playing games. Stand up now, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and finally ask your august assembly: Who accepts and who denies the existence of the State of Israel in its ancient homeland? Such acceptance is the only solution. There is no other. ROSEMARY DRIMAN Cape Town How it is Sir, - Hizbullah's murder of an Arab-Israeli woman and her child is perfect proof of the Islamist destruction of democracy, multiculturalism and harmony ("Katyusha kills mother and son," August 11). This crime also exposes the Arab lie regarding Israeli "apartheid." While there is apartheid and racism in Arab countries - where non-Arabs are unwelcome and non-Muslims persecuted - Israel is a democratic, freedom-loving state for all. DORON UR Melbourne Statesmanlike Sir, - Former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has shown what a statesman he is. Shunning opportunism, he did not criticize PM Olmert's disastrous handling of recent affairs but remained silent. This patriot is an example of a true leader. I would like to see the US constitution changed for one time to have such a man as American president. I think he will soon be Israel's PM - at which time he will have to fight this fight over again, as it was not finished. MARTIN SAFFORD Ransomville, New York Sick... Sir, - Right now I am feeling sick over this "peace agreement." I am so disappointed with my president for encouraging it, also with the political decisions of your leader. This decision is going to lead Israel into another war down the road, and those who have just been wounded and killed will have paid the price in vain. These terrorists will rearm right in front of UN troops. I shake my head thinking of the French leading this fiasco. They will sit back and let it happen. JOYCE FRENETTE Apache Junction, Arizona ...sorry Sir, - I am so sorry our government voted for a cease-fire. Although I am not a person of violence or war I do believe that you in Israel are fighting an evil force, and thus a just war. I wish you would destroy the enemy in toto. THERESE TERSCHUREN Omaha, Nebraska Sir, - As a Christian, I wish to assure the people in Israel that I and many others are standing four-square behind the Israeli people in this battle for survival. MAURICE HEWITT Portadown, Northern Ireland Obvious, no? Sir, - Isn't it obvious why America, Canada, Britain, India, Australia, Spain, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe are subject to the terrorist threat? They are occupying Arab land. EDMUND JONAH Rishon Lezion Sir, - One is appalled at the stupidity of international leaders and others in blaming Israel, which was trying to implement peace. DEANNA ALBERT-WARD Hastings, New Zealand Sir, - I was kind of hoping you would make a parking lot out of Iran and Syria, because that's what they want to do to you, and to my country. NORMAN CUNNINGHAM Murphy, Texas Wachsman's words Sir, - As a parent of a soldier, I want to thank Esther Wachsman for expressing what many of us think but are unable to put into words ("To the PM, from a mother," August 13). MOSHE POUPKO Jerusalem Sir, - If Israel could turn to God for help, He would interween for Israel again, but Jews and Christians alike forget and make the same mistakes all over again. We Christians have to do what the word of God says: Bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and let God be the judge. BJ RG HOLST Durban