August 5: Same old Brits

Could you imagine the storm if the boot were on the other foot and it was the UK or any other state buying Israeli weapons.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Gaza’s casualties
Sir, – The hullabaloo about Gaza’s casualties is yet another expression of the hypocrisy typical of world leaders, the mainstream media and NGOs of various stripes.
Remember that NATO forces in Kosovo killed over 500 civilians with aerial bombings in 1999. In the Gulf War in 1991, over 3,500 civilians were killed by allied bombings and bombardments.
In Afghanistan, Americans killed over 4,000 civilians. In the Iraq War of 2003, over 7,000 civilians were killed by Americans and other allied forces in one month.
And when one thinks about Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all the crocodile tears seem totally ridiculous, pathetic and dangerous, mainly for the hapless Gazans themselves.
Allowing Hamas to maintain part of its stockpile of rockets and tunnels and rebuild will only lead to more attempts to kill Israelis.
Paradoxically, every time this happens the main victims are always the Arabs themselves, suffering directly as the result of their leaders’ lust to keep attacking Israel.
If one were really concerned about the welfare of Gaza’s people, he would let Israel finish the job properly.
Sir, – Gaza is the best show in town, a fast buck for all. Talking heads opinionate ad nauseam and TV channels save effort and expense by replaying the same footage.
This cheap opportunism insults the real Gaza – our casualties and the devastation wreaked by our air force. Aerial bombardment of civilians became standard operational procedure in warfare after the Luftwaffe bombed Guernica. Now, despite the IAF’s scrupulous avoidance of civilian casualties, a comparison becomes unavoidable.
Before we lose our moral high ground as well as the diplomatic war, we need to restrain our air power in favor of a stronger ground campaign (despite its accompanying risks), provide tents and hygiene services for the refugees, and mount a pro-active, ongoing effort – not explanations! – with multi-media visual material readied for each eventuality in coordination with Israel’s military, government and overseas supporters.
Tel Aviv
Sir, – Complaining about “disproportionate force” is total nonsense.
If one side wins a war, ipso facto its force was disproportionate.
The winner is stronger, more motivated, smarter, bigger, braver and had better equipment, or any combination of the above.
Would any right-thinking country go against an enemy equipped only with spears and swords by throwing away its guns/drones/planes and taking up knives so as to be less disproportionate? Can you think of any war that was won that way? Can you think of any war that was even fought that way?
Sir, – Our soldiers have been fighting and dying to excise a cancer that is spreading around the world. Talks will not cure this disease.
Only radical intervention will.
Sir, – The UNRWA school fatalities in the Gaza Strip have been an unwelcome setback to Israel’s case and standing. It’s obvious that you don’t kill the hostages.
It’s not too late to rectify the problem – which is the malign influence of Naftali Bennett and his extremist, nationalist supporters who have the ears of the army establishment. Bennett should have no place in government as his presence is completely at odds with the tradition of celebrating religious and ethnic diversity in Israel.
Sir, – I hope that I have not become inured to suffering. However, the pictures of the children in Gaza somehow do not move me as much as they could – I keep thinking of the thousands of Syrian children whose homes have been bombed out and whose lives have been ruined.
Many are now orphans living in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.
The poor kidnapped girls from Nigeria have long since been forgotten.
Michelle Obama, the US first lady, does not shed any more tears for them. Why? Are they less pitiful now than they were when they were first captured? Do their parents now think it is better for them to be with their Muslim captors than to be at home? I cannot fathom why Gaza’s children are considered more pitiful. Is it because Hamas has enormous resources in propaganda techniques? Please think about what makes Hamas children so appealing.
Please let us think about the philosophy of Hamas and Iran, which is to get the Israelis now and take care of the rest of the world tomorrow.
Sir, – Below is an appropriate description of the present situation from the Prophet Amos.
“So will I send a fire on the wall of Gaza and it shall devour the palaces thereof. And the remnant of the Philistines shall perish” (1: 7,8).
Same old Brits
Sir, – As usual it is Britain’s Left that comes out against Israel, this time for its defensive war against the terrorist Hamas enemy (“Britain to review arms sales to Israel after criticism of Gaza war,” August 3).
A certain Labor MP, one Katy Clark, continues on the same path as the anti-Semitic Atlee/Bevin Labor government after World War II. To put it bluntly, she and that BIS “spokesman” are just two more examples of prejudiced, unprincipled Brits who would be only too happy to witness the destruction of Israel and another genocide of six million Jews by denying Israel the right to buy British weapons and actually use them against its enemies.
Could you imagine the storm if the boot were on the other foot and it was the UK or any other state buying Israeli weapons and being given a list of nations they couldn’t use those weapons against?
Kiryat Ono
Knowing full well
Sir, – Watching the conflict in Gaza is like watching history repeat itself. Terrorists firing rockets at Israel, knowing full well that Israel will return fire, even if it is at schools, hospitals or UN safety zones. Hamas does this knowing that the response from the world will be to condemn the Israelis.
I don’t hear the UN or anyone else, especially Palestinians, telling Hamas to stop tunneling under schools, hospitals and schools.
Anywhere else in the world Hamas would be rooted out and destroyed for using these tactics.
The response from the UN has been reprehensible for failing again to identify the real problem.
The condemning of Israel for its right to defend itself is blatant anti-Semitism.
Delta, Canada
Hopes they follow
Sir, – When Israeli leaders go into battle their cry is “After me!” The leader of Hamas is in Qatar and the leader of Fatah is in every world capital he can get to – almost anywhere but Ramallah.
I think their cry, too, should be “After me!” Their people might follow.
Petah Tikva
Be prepared
Sir, – To be prepared for what the enemy can do in the future, one has to plan not for existing threats but for threats that technology will allow the enemy to develop in the future when it becomes available. This can be found today in technological publications. (I am not including any examples here for obvious reasons, but it is not hard to find them!) Several years ago there was an international conference in Sharm e-Sheikh dedicated to technological aspects of underground construction. Judging by what we now know, it is likely that some engineers from Gaza were in attendance! The key is not to think of the enemy as dumb.