May 10: Friends like her

"The Inheritance of Abraham" dismisses Jewish belief in a biblical right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Friends like her
Sir, – Sally Foster Fulton’s letter (“Church of Scotland,” May 8) contends that the report “The Inheritance of Abraham” is “a way forward that brings love-informed justice....”
What is “love-informed justice?” Fulton’s writings and other Church documents load bias, not love, into their proclamations vis a vis Israel.
The current report dismisses Jewish belief in a biblical right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.
The report is a super sessionist diatribe that includes this gem: “If Jesus is indeed the Yes to all God’s promises the promise to Abraham about land is fulfilled through the impact of Jesus, not by restoration of land to the Jewish people” (Page 8). Well, excuse us for believing otherwise.
Fulton’s own blog has extensively portrayed Palestinian “suffering” and Israeli “violence.” Typically missing are these topics: terrorism, suicide bombing, missiles, Hamas, etc. To paraphrase Alice Cooper, only Palestinians bleed.
Fulton stated in February that “a good friend doesn’t stand by and let you hurt yourself or others. We need to be a good friend to Israel.” Really? Maybe she should say this to the missile squads in Gaza or the Islamic leaders who call Jews descendants of apes and pigs while glorifying terrorists.
Rev. Fulton, with “friends” like you... well, you know the rest.
Sir, – My advice to members of the Church of Scotland: Read urgently Anti- Judaism: The Western Tradition by David Nirenberg.
They will see their mirror image.
Rosen affair
Sir, – I am not defending TV journalist Emmanuel Rosen. I know nothing regarding the merits of his situation but am disturbed by the far-reaching laws being proposed to remedy the problem of male sexual harassment of women in the workplace (“Knesset panel: Law not enough to bar harassment,” May 7).
It seems to me that some radical female Knesset members would like us to reach the point where any man who dares to even lightly flirt with a woman or simply compliment her on her dress can face charges of harassment or sexual misconduct. Moreover, it appears to me that these MKs favor a situation in which women can levy such charges months or years after the alleged behavior, often with no evidence whatsoever, and the man involved will be treated as guilty even if he can prove his innocence.
I believe there is a limit to what the law can accomplish.
Common sense has a role to play as well. Men and women share a mutual interest in each other that is a biological and social fact, and it will be expressed.
Unfortunately, it seems these radical MKs view men as enemies to be confronted rather than allies to be engaged.
 Leave him home
Sir, – As your April 30 editorial “Speaking freely” pointed out, The Jerusalem Post‘s recent New York conference did well to include different points of view, from Right to Left and in between. The speakers gave it a sense of expertise and authenticity.
I ask then, why did you have to include former prime minister Ehud Olmert? His presence lowered the level of the conference.
Among many in Israel.
Olmert holds the distinction of being “Mr. Corruption,” with no integrity and with concern only for his own well being. He might not be convicted in court, but there has been enough evidence to convict him in the minds of ordinary citizens.
In addition, his term as prime minister, including his performance as a military planner (Second Lebanon War), tells us he has nothing worthwhile to say. The Post should leave him at home next time around.