November 21: Hague’s chutzpah

British Foreign Secretary William Hague advised Israel not to launch a ground attack on the Gaza Strip because it would “lose Israel a lot of the international sympathy.” A new definition of chutzpah!

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Hague’s chutzpah
Sir, – So British Foreign Secretary William Hague advised Israel not to launch a ground attack on the Gaza Strip because it would “lose Israel a lot of the international sympathy” (“Foreign leaders warn against IDF incursion,” November 19).
The British were not concerned when they participated in the bombardment of Serbia or Libya, or now in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
But Israel merits international sympathy only as long as it is our civilians who suffer.
A new definition of chutzpah!
Serious game
Sir, – With regard to “The game changer” (Analysis, November 19):
1. The Palestinians in Gaza “democratically” elected Hamas, a terrorist organization. They made their bed; now they have to sleep in it.
2. The Hamas charter, in basic layman’s words, calls for jihad against Israel and its complete destruction, which means there can never be a cease-fire, short or long.
3. Hamas uses its own civilian population as human shields by placing rocket launchers next to residential buildings, schools and mosques. This makes it very hard for our air force to bomb said sites, and sometimes civilian casualties happen.
The western world leaders who pounce on us should remember that the American and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have had similar incidents. This is not just Israel.
Community maligned
Sir, – I live in Ramat Beit Shemesh and take umbrage with the fact that in “A city without war” (Reporter’s Notebook, November 19), Sam Sokol ignores the young men from Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef who are in the army, as conscripts as well as reserves who have been called up.
Also, I am very upset that Sokol feels we are so uninformed.
Many families are worried about their husbands, sons and grandsons, as well as the other soldiers on the Gaza border.
We are certainly not living under the impression that it’s all just another news broadcast.
This affects us all, no matter where we live.
Sir, – I have been a resident of Ramat Beit Shemesh for the past 13 years, almost since it was established.
I am the proud mother of three combat soldiers. The oldest spent Operation Cast Lead in Gaza and missed his brother’s wedding. These boys where raised here, as where many of their combat soldier friends.
Many of my own friends and neighbors have sons who were mobilized, and the ones who weren’t are sitting by the phone, disappointed it isn’t ringing.
I don’t know which Ramat Beit Shemesh your reporter was referring to, but it certainly isn’t the one I live in.
May all our soldiers return safely to their families.
Sir, – I believe your correspondent maligned an outstanding community and helped destroy the unity we need during these trying times.
Does he expect all citizens around the country to cower in shelters in order to identify with our brethren in the South? Or do we carry on as usual to show the terrorists that they will not win and disrupt our lives? I spent this past Shabbat in Ramat Beit Shemesh and prayed in three different synagogues. All the congregants were well aware of the security situation and said extra Psalms, praying for the welfare of all of Israel.
Here to stay
Sir, – With regard to “Only disproportionate deterrence will offset Hamas terror” (Candidly Speaking, November 19), a cease-fire now would not be enough. It would be only a temporary solution. We have to tell these Philistines that we are here to stay.
How would we rely on a cease-fire with Hamas? A signature with Hamas is unreliable.
We have to win this war so Hamas has no hope of starting with us again. We have the equipment, the ability and the willpower.
Neither we nor the ordinary citizens of Gaza want a war, but if that is the only answer we will have to go through with it until quiet is restored upon all of Israel.
HILARY GATOFFHerzliya Pituah
On target
Sir, – I think your November 19 cartoon on Hamas’s “latest, most advanced body armor” was right on target. This is exactly the kind of hasbara (public diplomacy) we should be disseminating to the international community.
Wrong to publish
Sir, – I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with your decision to publish Gilad Sharon’s inflammatory piece “A decisive conclusion is necessary” (Comment & Features, November 19).
I particularly raise issue with Sharon’s call to “flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza.”
As Jews, we rightly caution the world that Israel’s enemies seek to drive the country into the sea.
We therefore cannot give voice to those among us who would like to do the same to others.
It is unbecoming of an international newspaper to provide a forum for commentators who actively call for the destruction of another state (insofar as Sharon confers statehood qualities on Gaza). I urge you to issue a formal apology for its publication.
Sir, – The op-ed by Gilad Sharon is disgusting and tantamount to a call for a Shoah on Gaza. It has no place in print outside of fascist hate pamphlets peddled by maniacs.
Shame on The Jerusalem Post for printing such vile, murderous rants. You do no service to Jews in Israel or, like myself, living on the other side of the planet, in any way by printing this filth.
Retract and denounce or continue such a course to doom and misery.
Sir, – Although I agree with both the premise of Gilad Sharon’s article and its conclusions, the irony is that Ariel Sharon’s son, of all people, is weighing in on the catastrophe that has become Gaza. It is nothing short of breathtaking!
Fairy-tale mentality
Sir, – In the November 18 article “In Tel Aviv, left-wing protesters call for immediate cease-fire,” one protester, Yuval Itah, was quoted as saying, “I don’t care any more about Jews than I do about Palestinians in Gaza. I don’t want anyone to die....”
It’s very noble of Itah to refer to Jews and Palestinians with the same concern. To him I say, go spend some time in Sderot or other towns or settlements near the Gaza border; then maybe you will be more realistic in terms of who is responsible for this war.
Living in the center of the country, Itah is totally oblivious to the reality of constant bombardment and interference in life. He says we can stop the rockets through dialogue with Hamas. To such dreamers I say, get real.
Somehow, left-wing Israelis assume that Israel is at fault and all we have to do is compromise, withdraw and end the so-called occupation. But Israel withdrew from Gaza over seven years ago and the results have been a constant disruption in the lives of the neighboring Jewish communities.
These protesters have a fairytale mentality. It’s time they opened their eyes.