March 26, 2017: London terror

It is time that the West wakes up and understands that from an Islamic point of view, the so-called free West is also occupied territory that requires Islamic liberation.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
London terror
With regard to “Terrorism hits London: Three dead, 20 wounded” (March 23), what is the difference between a terror attack in London and one in Israel? The attack in London is international news; the one in Israel is not.
The West protests terror attacks in the West but is silent when Israel is attacked. The West understands and even “justifies” attacks against Israel because of the “occupation.” That is the Islamic opinion, and I say this much to my shame as a Dutchman and a westerner.
It is time that the West wakes up and understands that from an Islamic point of view, the so-called free West is also occupied territory that requires Islamic liberation.
The only way to combat terror effectively is to combat terror worldwide in the same way: • A resounding “no” to terror • No funding of the Palestinian Authority – which cannot exist for one day without US and EU funding • No April 15 conference by Hamas-affiliated groups in Rotterdam, whose mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, says he’ll allow the gathering to go ahead due to freedom of speech.
By the way, what can Holland expect with Khadija Arib – like Aboutaleb, a Moroccan-born Muslim – as speaker of the lower chamber of its Parliament? A minimum requirement should be no foreign nationals in government positions.
The writer is an attorney who divides his time between Israel and the Netherlands.
In her speech immediately after the Westminster attack, Amber Rudd, Britain’s home secretary, again stated the need for “tolerance.”
Both UK and European governments have long passed the marker where tolerance is a mask for pure weakness, a product of pervasive political correctness.
These governments have failed to display a firm and decisive leadership, equaled only by their failure to recognize that their policy of perpetual appeasement brings the certainty of more of the same, and possibly worse.
Cry for London, yes. But spare just one tear for the Rohingyas, Syrians, Somalis, Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans, Afghans and Palestinians? Please!
Westerville, Ohio
The writer is a veteran of the US Air Force.
I am shocked and appalled by the extrajudicial execution in London by the Nazi-like British police of the freedom-fighter militant from the religion of peace.
I know that the paragons of morality, democracy and human rights at the United Nations and Arab League, not to mention the bastion of democracy that is the Palestinian Authority, will justly condemn this heinous act. I hope those exemplars and defenders of universal human rights – China, Norway, Russia and Sweden – will demand an immediate investigation by the International Court of Justice, with an eye to a speedy indictment, arrest and incarceration of all those responsible for this crime against humanity, including the war criminal Theresa May.
Negative IDF policies
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, in addressing the Knesset State Control Committee, did not mince words with regard to the many strategic and existential threats facing Israel (“Eisenkot: Hamas attack tunnels not existential or strategic threat,” March 23). But at this very moment, the IDF is weakening its strength by forcing through gender equality in the IDF and making boys and girls serve together in fighting units.
This inevitably brings out the worst in these young soldiers and is destructive of their sense of morality.
Additionally, the IDF, which should be politically neutral, promotes the views of the extreme Left in its educational programs, and when its recruits leave the army, they will join the ranks of the Left with a weakened loyalty to the State of Israel.
It is imperative that the Knesset exerts its authority over the IDF and stop these negative policies.
New York
Great pity
Isi Leibler’s “On religious extremism” (Candidly Speaking, March 22) brings to mind the words of the late haredi Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, who commented in his book Alei Shur, Frumkeit (Vol. 2, p.152) that religious extremism is both “misleading and destructive.”
In Mr. Leibler’s final paragraph, he mentions that, regrettably, the prospects for political parties to agree to prevent their exploitation by the haredim are inconceivable. I am of the opinion that the reason for this is that the motives of all parties concerned are based on egocentrism.
What a great pity that the affected individuals have not put their intellectual souls into working mode. They then would realize that most of the stringencies in force today are not an authentic part of Torat emet (the eternal truth); many are presented to protect the motivation of the secluded haredi lifestyle.
Genuine Jews, candidly speaking, do not manipulate their brothers – or sisters.
Not so different
Reader Herb Stark would benefit by substituting “Barack” for “Donald” and “Obama” for “Trump” in his letter (“Politics and Purim,” March 5). The only other change necessary for the letter to express the views of the American Right toward the former president would be to change “departments,” which Mr. Stark says Trump’s various appointees are committed to dismantling rather than managing, to “nation.”
Obama and Trump are far more alike than most in the political world might admit. The principal differences are where they lie on the political spectrum and their personal style: Trump is crude while Obama effects sophistication.
Their approach to governance is remarkably similar: Do what I want or I will attack you.
Obama was misperceived by the Left. They supported him when he pursued destructive policies like the Iran deal because he was their man. Trump, on the other hand, has been recognized by the Right for what he is, as should be obvious from the ongoing nose-holding in Commentary.
Republicans in Congress have a tricky task before them: Trump is nominally from their party but not really one of them, and they face a continuing choice between backing and opposing him, with unknown consequences for either choice.
Recognizing the similarities between Trump and Obama isn’t an academic exercise because if the Left fails to do so and doesn’t revise its goals and strategy accordingly, it will ensure that both Obama and Trump achieve the destructive goals the two sides attribute to their opponents.
It won’t be possible to heal the divisions in the American body politic until the Left understands why the Right was so upset with Obama.
Framingham, Massachusetts
Tiberias waterfront
A recent real estate supplement in your newspaper had an article on the city of Tiberias.
As a licensed Israeli tour guide who visits that city several times a month, I can tell you that the surrounding area is indeed a tourist attraction, although the downtown area in front of the major hotels is nothing but a disgrace.
Many of the restaurants are closed and the outside area is filthy, full of debris and garbage.
There is nothing to brag about here. When the thousands of Christian tourists disembark from the Holy Land sailing boats, I am ashamed that I have to bring them past the filth.
The waterfront is in dire need of a good renovation. How can the Tiberias Municipality let this situation continue? Is it blind? If there was ever money and planning needed in any tourist area, it is the Tiberias waterfront.
Neve Ilan