November 25, 2015: It’s in the words

Readers respond to the latest Jerusalem Post articles.

Envelope (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
In referring to the killings of innocent people in Israel, The New York Times calls the perpetrators “militants” or “assailants.” The individuals doing the killings in Paris, though, are called terrorists.
I can understand that the world media hesitates giving terrorists in Israel that title so as not to antagonize certain people. But regarding “Israeli woman killed in West Bank attack” (November 23), I could not understand how The Jerusalem Post went along with this bias in its sub-headline, where it says “3 Palestinian assailants dead.” They no longer were terrorists?
I am not a “settler.” I live in Efrat, the bedroom community of our capital, Jerusalem. The people being killed here are victims of what the world sanctions. After all, we are “occupiers,” although of our own land.
We have tried appeasement (land) and have been told that’s not enough. At this point I would like to use language that is not printable, so I’ll just say stop using words that do not apply to us.
New approaches With regard to “Netanyahu: It is challenging to fight terrorism by individuals” (November 23), let us try something new and efficient.
Each time a Palestinian stabbing takes place, we will: • Stop for a full week the daily supply of 800 truckloads of goods to Hamas.
• Stop for three days the supply of gas, electricity and water to the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.
• Stop remitting Palestinian taxes, which instead should be paid to Israeli hospitals that treat the wounded.
By these actions, one can assume that the Palestinian Authority will take control of an unacceptable situation.
I think we have suffered enough casualties. The government, for reasons known only to itself, has held back. In my opinion, at least three steps should be taken: 1. No money to the Palestinian Authority 2. No dead bodies returned to the families of terrorists 3. The killers’ (and attempted killers’) families should be relocated to Gaza. When the world complains, too bad.
Enough is much. More than enough.
We should be screaming from the rooftops until the prime minister, defense minister and all the yes-people in the cabinet can no longer ignore us.
There are no consequences of real significance for the murder of Jews. This has been on going for years. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been telling our enemies not to try us – and they have thrown his words back in his face with more attacks.
Demolishing terrorists’ homes is not sufficient. There must be a shoot-to-kill policy, whereby our soldiers’ and civilians’ lives take precedence when attacked (or, better still, before the attack). Also, Arabs who are not prepared to lay down their weapons and live in peace in the Jewish land must be deported.
Good deeds must be for our own people, not for our enemies.
Defensive steps Why in the world have concrete barriers not been placed at all major hitchhiking posts, bus stops and junctions? How can so many people be left so vulnerable to car ramming on a daily basis? Is it the cost? Contrasted to loss of life, sorrow and the cost of hospitalization, the choice is clear.
We need to take practical steps to protect Jews against terrorist attacks, as suggested here: • Issue bullet-proof vests.
• Provide citizens with instructions on how to respond to anyone moving toward you.
Goodwill gestures I call upon the Jewish world to take note and keep watch: How long will it take before an Israeli administration caves in to international pressure and releases this new crop of murderers as a “confidence- building goodwill gesture”? As bizarre as it seems, as horrifying as it so obviously is, history has shown us that such a scenario is likely.
New York/Jerusalem
Where is the outcry? Shame on all the followers of Islam who encourage and condone the heinous acts of their crazed, incited teenage knife-wielders who shriek “God is great!” as they sink their steel blades into innocent Jews and Israelis.
I doubt whether Allah really thinks it is great to take the lives of innocent people before the so-called martyrs lose their own.
After all, what kind of religion is it that teaches and praises such wanton violence? This is the very opposite of what religion should be.
There is no place in the civilized world for a religion that exalts death and bloodshed to achieve supremacy.
I hope and pray that the millions of decent Muslims the world over look with horror at what their crazed extremists are wreaking, and will summon up the courage to find ways to put a stop to the carnage. Besides irrevocably besmirching the good name of their faith, these extremists – in Israel, Europe, Mali and elsewhere – are making a mockery of everything true religion stands for: peace, brotherhood, loving kindness, charity and humaneness in the name of the Creator.
As a Jew and Israeli, I call upon them all to come to their senses for the sake of humanity before it is too late.
Dealing with ISIS Reader Herb Stark (“...and the cure,” Letters, November 23) expresses the feelings of an increasing number of Europeans and Americans when he writes: “If we are to survive, ISIS and its ilk must be wiped off the face of the earth.”
He wrote this from North Carolina one day after the Paris terror attacks.
Why do people never allow us Israelis to pursue the same option when it comes to tackling Hamas and its rockets, suicide bombers and terrorists coming out of the ground? Why should other people’s need for security be greater than ours?
Europe is now getting a wave of terror – not a taste, but mouthfuls. People are shocked and awakened to the threat, and there is no escaping. No one is immune. There is a wide state of emergency. In France, officials are calling the November 13 Paris attacks the biggest atrocity since World War II.
No longer can nations and people blame Israel. Can any sane or decent person now think that the so-called Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the cause? The outside world is waking up.
So must we. We must continue to be strong and brave!
Neve Ilan
Writing history I wonder if it is possible to use the good services of your column to bring a little bit of order and understanding into the problem of boycotts and embargoes that so-called intellectuals wish to bring upon Israel (that little country the size of the principality of Wales).
Why do countries not boycott China for its occupation of Tibet; France for its occupation of New Caledonia; Britain for its occupation of Ireland and the Falkland Islands; the US for its occupation of Indian tribal reservations; and India for its occupation of Kashmir? Would people from around the world like to convince me and other readers that this is not just anti-Semitism? I did hear about the Arab world closing the Straits of Tiran, the Jordanians attacking Jerusalem, and Syria attacking Tel Katzir in 1967.
We were forced into a war by the joint Arab armies, not the opposite.
Maybe history should be written and taught honestly.
Kiryat Ata