The Mossad takes over Polish shipyards

Communism may be 20 years gone, but Jew-phobia remains the same.

krakow poland jewish 88 (photo credit: )
krakow poland jewish 88
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June 1989 was an exceptional month. On June 3 in Teheran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini died, one day after the Chinese army had slaughtered 5,000 protesting students in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. After 50 years, the first free democratic elections took place in Poland. The communists suffered a total defeat. Europe and the world stopped breathing. Solidarity - the Polish trade union federation founded in 1980 at the Gdansk shipyard by Lech Walesa - achieved a dazzling success. All Polish shipyards celebrated a huge victory. The anti-communist opposition - the workers together with the intelligentsia, had began to create a free and democratic Poland. Twenty years later, the new economic reality of the country has made it possible for the cradle of Solidarity - Gdansk's shipyard - to be sold to the Ukrainian Industrial Union of Donbass. It was hard for Polish people to reconcile themselves to the thought of such a landmark being sold. The government was accused of betraying national interests. During the following years, the Polish government pumped millions of dollars into the other Polish shipyards - Gdynia and Szczecin - to protect them from following in the footsteps of Gdansk. Unfortunately, the bad uncle was the European Commission, which decided that state aid is against the rules of free competition in the EU and that the yards must be liquidated. In May 2009, during an open auction, a mysterious investor from the Netherlands Antilles - United International Trust (UIT) - paid the highest amount for the two shipyards (a total of $140 million). The media launched an investigation - who would spend so much money, and why? This is our national treasure, the backbone of the Solidarity movement. And who is that mysterious someone who wants to overthrow the Polish government? Is it our long-standing bad neighbors - the Germans and Russians? Or perhaps even the European Union? THE ANSWER, unfortunately, is much simpler - it's the Jews! For centuries, they were trying to control Poland and the Polish government. Therefore, it must be them. The Web portal found the plot. The new owner of the yard is a company that belongs to the Sapiens International Corporation NV. That company is owned by the consortium Emblaze Ltd. Who controls this company - a Jew, Nahum Admoni. Moreover he is not only a Jew, he is also a former head of the Mossad. The Poles discovered that this company is managed by a number of Israelis who formerly worked for the Prime Minister's Office as well as for the Defense Ministry and Treasury. What about the Sapiens company? Its CEO Roni Al Dor "graduated from a prestigious university which belongs to the Israeli Air Force." Rami Doron, another official, is "an expert in electronics from the Israeli army," and Sagi Schliesser the "head of the computer training school in the Jewish armed forces." Journalists, including those from the mainstream media, have found the issue riveting. The Polish media are seething with anger. The newspapers are full of headlines like: "Israeli soldier buys Polish shipyard" and "The Mossad takes over Polish shipyards" (this article with a photo of a praying Jew wearing tefillin and reading a Torah). The Internet is full of speculations. One of the most popular Polish radio stations askedTreasury Minister Aleksander Grad: "Is it true that the Polish shipyards were purchased by the Israeli secret services?" On June 4, 1989, communism in Poland ended. In those days Poles burst with pride - we finally won freedom and democracy for the entire Eastern Bloc. We have free media. We are a democratic society. A shameful part of the history of our country has gone forever. Our former enemies from the West became our new friends. Only one thing remained unchanged. In Poland we still have our own little whipping boy - the Jews. We need a little more time to deal with that. So please, gentleman from the Mossad, if you really bought those Polish shipyards try to build at least a few new ships. That will help us to heal our prejudices and phobias. But don't forget, if you finally build those ships, please do your best not to sink them somewhere in the sea. If you do so, we will face a new problem - with the Jews. The author is a media specialist who also works as an independent journalist for the Polish media.