Year in Review: Most read 'Post' opinion articles of 2010

Six dealt with the Obama administration and US-Israel relations and nine out of 10 were written as reactions to attacks on Israel or Jews.

This year saw a series of events and incidents that had op-ed contributors and columnists alike taking to our opinion section to have their voices heard. The Jerusalem Post has compiled a list of the top 10 articles of this year, put together primarily on the numbers of views each article received on our website, while also taking into account the number of talkbacks it generated and the amount of Facebook ‘Likes’ it evoked.
Some observations: Seven out of the 10 were written in June, five were by Caroline Glick, six dealt with the Obama administration and US-Israel relations and nine out of 10 were written as reactions to attacks on Israel or Jews.
1. An open letter to Helen Thomas (June 7) by Yoram Dori, adviser to the President Shimon Peres. The now infamous tape of the White House veteran reporter telling Jews to go back to Poland and Germany inspired Dori to write: “In light of your recent remarks that Jews must ‘get the hell out of Palestine’ and ‘go home,’ I think I should tell you about my parents’ families.”
2. Obama’s war on Israel (March 19) by Caroline Glick. Following Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel and the untimely Interior Ministry announcement of 1600 new housing units in Ramat Shlomo which elicited condemnation from the US administration, Glick wrote: “Obama claims he’s launched a political war against Israel in the interest of promoting peace. But this claim, too, does not stand up to scrutiny.”
3. Obama has crossed the line(March 16) by Isi Leibler. He wrote: “Recent hostile outbursts by the US government must be viewed in the context that the USIsrael relationship has been on a downward spiral since Obama took office.”
4.The plain truth about Israel (June 8) by Caroline Glick. After Helen Thomas’s ‘Get the hell out of Palestine’ video and Anthony Cordesman’s “Israel as a Strategic Liability?” published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Glick wrote “this country is the US’s greatest strategic asset in the region. Indeed, given the strategic importance of the Middle East to American national security, Israel is arguably its greatest strategic asset outside the military.”
5. Ending Israel’s losing streak (June 1) by Caroline Glick. “A straight line runs between the anti- Israel resolution passed at the UN’s Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference and the Hamas flotilla. And in both cases, officials voiced ‘surprise’ at these defeats.”
6. Islamist Turkey overreaches (June 9) by Daniel Pipes. “If once only a small group of analysts recognized Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist outlook, this fact is now obvious,” Pipes wrote after the Turkish government issues some disturbing statements following the deadly interception of the Mavi Marmara in May.
7. The first rule of strategy (June 11) by Caroline Glick. In the column, Glick laments the lack of action on the Iranian nuclear threat: “Israel’s leaders get bogged down in details while Iran plays distraction game.”
8. Weathering the approaching storm (June 18) by Caroline Glick. “Israel is endangered today as it has never been before,” warned Glick.
9. Presbyterians push to demonize, delegitimize Israel(June 17) by Douglas Bloomfield in which he wrote “the Presbyterian Church USA will be asked to endorse a report by its Middle East study committee that says the primary cause of ME conflict is Israeli occupation.”
10. Exposed by Wikileaks (December 1) by David Horovitz. Following the mass publication of US cables which detailed conversations between diplomats and various Arab officials, The Jerusalem Post’s Editor in Chief wrote: “Obama, we now know, had the diplomatic cables to prove that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was no obstacle to wide Arab backing for the toughest possible measures against Iran.”
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