Inside Israeli Innovation: Movers and shakers ‘GoforIsrael’ - watch

Maayan Hoffman and Zachy Hennesy take you behind the scenes of one of Israel's most prominent investment events.

 Inside Israeli Innovation at GoforIsrael (photo credit: screenshot)
Inside Israeli Innovation at GoforIsrael
(photo credit: screenshot)

In this week’s episode of Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman and Zachy Hennessey take you behind the scenes of the recent “GoforIsrael” investment event. Over 1,000 tech experts, entrepreneurs and investors from Israel and around the world took part in the event, and Hoffman and Hennessey interviewed many of them.

They share their discussions with leaders in cyber, robotics, medical, green, food and mobility technologies. The GoforIsrael event is a Cukierman & Co. Investment House and Catalyst Investments project.

Join us on the red carpet: Interviews at GoforIsrael

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