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Sisense: Instant insights
“The volume of information being produced is just enormous,” says Amir Orad, CEO of the business intelligence technology company Sisense.
Technology is fueling the creation of vast amounts of data. This data is being produced by mobile phones and apps, which track what we are doing and also where we’re doing it, every moment of the day.

We’re also seeing new data coming from ever-more sophisticated tracking of our online activities – not just what we are buying, trying and watching, but also how we are interacting with the information that we see and hear.

“The volume of information being produced is just enormous,” says Amir Orad, CEO of the business intelligence technology company Sisense. “Sisense has taken a radically different approach to business analytics from Day One, providing compelling dashboards for users, while making it easy to integrate vast amounts of complex data from multiple sources.”

The company’s obsessive commitment to product innovation and customer success enables non-specialist users to instantly reveal data-driven insights from complex data – in their organization, and externally, using sources like social media performance, stock prices or web traffic.

“In the past, business analytics was the domain of specialists with PhDs. Today, business analytics firms like Sisense are making business intelligence intuitive and accessible to non-technical users,” said Orad. “The result is a world where the average user can use Sisense to quickly get the answers to pressing questions about their businesses and make unexpected discoveries that are buried in the data.”

From innovative startups to global brands like GE, Wix, Nasdaq and Philips, thousands of organizations worldwide embed Sisense in their everyday business to reveal instant insights.

Sisense provides a complete business platform to prepare, analyze and visualize large volumes and varieties of data.

Its unique In-Chip and Single Stack technologies simplify every step of the business intelligence process – from data preparation to discovery of insights.

“We are in the golden age of business intelligence, where business people with no technical background can exploit analytics to follow hunches about their businesses that lead to breakthrough strategies,” Orad said. “The firms that are seizing this advantage will have increased responsiveness and agility with their customers, and a real edge over their competition.”
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