10 Best Gaming Mice For 2019

PC gaming is about more than just a fast processor, powerful video card, or high-def sound setup. This list of gaming mice will elevate your game and prove that control is key.

Gaming Mice (photo credit: PR)
Gaming Mice
(photo credit: PR)
It takes time to find the best gaming mouse, especially when there are dozens of options from tons of manufacturers, all aiming to catch your eye with sleek edges, flashy lights, or bold colors. This list features 10 options so you can find the best PC gaming mouse for your needs and for your style, and so you'll never miss a frag or lose control in the middle of battle. 

1. Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse: $169.99, Amazon

Microsoft has made a name in the gaming peripheral business for decades. They're well known for their original SideWinder mouse, released in 1995. This latest version features 5 programmable buttons which are perfect for macros, quick attacks, or various keybinds, and an on-board LCD display with on-the-fly DPI switching, making it extremely easy to adjust sensitivity without an options menu. The lack of a tilting scroll wheel can be off-putting to some, and it is a tad light, but the size helps make up for it quite a bit and the SideWinder makes for a comfortable mouse.

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2. Dell Alienware YJ8G5 TactX Mouse: $197.48, Amazon


In many cases, the Alienware TactX Mouse, from one of the leaders in gaming computers, is about effectiveness and simplicity. The TactX is built for Massive Multiplayer Online RPG games with customizable macro buttons that can be saved directly to the mouse itself using Alienware's Control Interface software. You can also store up to 5 profiles on the mouse, allowing DPI, macro, and control settings to be customized for multiple users without much of a problem. It's a nice touch to also be able to customize the mouse's lighting. Overall, the TactX delivers solid results and control. 

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3. Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse: $299.98, Amazon

Cut the cord and play free! The Logitech G7 is a very solid performer, featuring laser optics and minimal buttons for a perfect FPS mouse. Paired with the right keyboard for advanced controls, the simplicity and accuracy of the G7 helps make it a formidable mouse, especially in the cordless market. With 2000 DPI max, it really is all about precision. 

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4. Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Call of Duty: MW3 Edition: $299.99, Amazon


Emblazoned with the graphics and style of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Logitech G9X features the next generation of precision with a full 5700 DPI, adjustable speed settings, on-board memory for multiple profile configurations, and adjustable grips to tailor the mouse to whatever use you may have. With a lot of weight and a lot of accuracy, this may be a highly preferred gaming mouse for the masses.

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5. Mad Catz M.M.O.7 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac: $112.79, Amazon

This mouse is a customizable dream. With an extremely dynamic looking shell, the M.M.O.7 includes 90 programmable commands, full macro support with up to 5 commands on a single button, full 6400 DPI, and even plugins for World of Warcraft, to get the utmost control. The fact that the entire casing of the mouse can be modified is a big deal, especially in terms of hand strain, though some might find it a bit overwhelming to deal with.

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6. Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse: $125.99, Amazon


We didn't forget you, lefties! The Razer Ouroboros isn't just an incredibly balanced mouse. It may be the best gaming mouse for lefties and a strong option for right-handed users, too. The Ouroboros takes precision to the next level with an 8200 DPI sensor, full gaming-grade wireless, and a DPI trigger that gives you extra flexibility in the middle of the game. Another nice touch is the fact that it only requires a single AA battery for 12 hours of gaming, making it inexpensive in that regard.

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7. Logitech G700s 910-003584 Rechargeable Gaming Mouse: $49.98, Amazon


As the price comes down, so does the number of extra features. Fortunately, with the Logitech G700a, you don't lose the performance. You can quickly and easily switch between wireless functionality and USB connection (while recharging) so there's no need to worry about a docking station. Program macros or other commands over 13 controls and utilize the G700s' quick response time. This is a solid general purpose mouse with the extra versatility of going wired or wireless on the fly.

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8. Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse: $29.99, Amazon

Coming in as the most affordable option on this list, the Sentey Revolution Pro packs a huge punch, including an 8200 DPI sensor, adjustable LED display, and 9 programmable buttons. There is a lot of versatility to be had with this mouse without sacrificing much, despite the unexpectedly low price tag. Throw in some ceramic footpads and you also have a very smooth mouse to control, making this a solid contender for best PC gaming mouse.

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9. UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse: $36.99, Amazon

This mouse is loaded with features for a sub-$100 gaming mouse. With a 16400 DPI sensor, 12000 FPS, 18 programmable buttons for macros and commands, and TEFLON foot pads, this is a slick and hitman-precise sort of gaming mouse. For a personal touch, the mouse also features some LCD controls, making this a formidable option without shattering the bank. It is a bit wide, so keep that in mind if you have smaller hands; that could make it hard to access the 12 thumb keys.

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10. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse: $59.95, Amazon


The Logitech G502 offers a lot of function and rounds out Logitech's offering on this list. This mouse is often regarded as the standard in gaming mice for many players and some say it's the best gaming mouse on the market. With a 12000 DPI sensor, on-the-fly adjustment through 5 different programmable DPI settings, 11 programmable buttons, and a dual-mode scroll wheel, you get excellent gaming precision while also great use for a heavy computer user otherwise.

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There are only a few things to consider when buying your next gaming mouse, but practically any option on this list will more than meet your needs and provide you with an ideal control solution for any game you need. Whether you value twitch reactions or simply the versatility to access multiple controls with just one finger, these mice are ideal when choosing the best PC gaming mouse.

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