7 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs For 2018

Every year, more and more people are buying massage chairs for their own homes. Find out why, and which to choose from!

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs (photo credit: PR)
Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs
(photo credit: PR)
Zero gravity massage chairs put you in the same position astronauts assume upon blast off, but, unlike a space launch, these chairs are designed to help you relax. The highly reclined position takes the stress off of your spine and elevates your feet and legs over your heart while the chair massages your entire body. Chairs can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and there is a dizzying array of models to choose from. To make matters worse, manufacturers are constantly upgrading their product lines and introducing new models. In order to help narrow it down, here are the seven best picks for 2016 so far.

1. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat and Long Rail: $799, Amazon

A great value, this full-featured chair has multiple massage functions that simulate human massage, with programs like relax, recover, and refresh. High quality and quiet, this chair is great even if you’re over six feet tall. This chair has an OPTO sensor device to find each person’s shoulders exactly, making it suited for any body type. You’re unlikely to find a better massage chair bargain than this; the price and feature set really can’t be beat. 
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2. Luxury Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat and True Zero Gravity Positioning: $1,098.95, Amazon

The best selling chair on Amazon, this chair comes with an Amazon-exclusive extended warranty! This chair is so comfortable that you’ll sit in it even when it’s not on. With its extendable foot rest and two levels of air bag firmness, there’s no body that this chair can’t fit. Before massaging, it scans your body to ensure that the massage is just right for you and the way you’re positioned. This chair is a great value, but its real selling point is its amazing comfort. Once you’re in it, you won’t want to get out! 
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3. Best Massage Full Body Zero Gravity EC-02 Massage Chair: $1699, Amazon

This zero gravity chair is a model for those who need a truly powerful massage for a reasonable price. If you’re the sort of person who always goes straight to the most intense setting and still isn’t satisfied, you should look at the Best Massage EC-02. Featuring a patented soft 3-D technology, easy-to-use modern features, and 100% zero gravity setting, this is a powerful, well-built chair at a fair price point. 
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4. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair: $1795, Amazon

This gorgeous chair from Osaki features forty-six airbags offering three massage options, each with six modes and five speeds! For even more versatility, the chair offers three width settings for the airbags and features twin rollers to better simulate the human thumb. This chair will cradle you in comfort and adjusts to fit every person’s body like a glove. It is hard to go wrong with the Osaki OS-4000 massage chair.
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5. Fujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair: $4290, Amazon

This is the third generation of Fujita’s advanced 3-D roller massage chair, and it’s better than ever. The 3-D rollers can protrude up to eight millimeters, giving you an incredibly deep massage. The two way zero gravity system minimizes spinal stress and the many specialized massage areas target your 350 acupoints for incredible relief and relaxation. This is one of the most innovative zero gravity massage chairs on the market and is sure to be a great addition to your home. 
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6. Heated Zero Gravity Massage Chair: $1098.95, Amazon

This chair is an Amazon best seller! This is a great, value-priced zero gravity massage chair that will have your family fighting over it. Two of the four massage modes are activate, for when you need deep, revitalizing massage, and relax, which is perfect for ending your day. Other modes focus on your upper and lower back specifically. The specially designed rollers emulated human touch amazingly well and the built-in heater helps your stress and knots melt away. 
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7. AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair: $3,195, Amazon

This exceptionally stylish chair rounds out our list of great home zero gravity massage chairs. Less bulky than most models, the AcuTouch HT-7450 doesn’t skimp on comfort or ability. With dual lumbar back heating, lower body massage, seat massage, and true zero gravity positioning, this massage chair will fit you perfectly without detracting from the décor of your home or office. Patented Human Touch technology makes it feel like you have your own personal massage therapist in your home. 
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For sheer value, you really can’t beat the price point of our first entry. Only $799 for a full-featured zero gravity massage chair just can’t be out done. For the absolute best performance, the Fujita KN9005 tops our list, and for something a little more discreet and stylish, have another look at the AcuTouch HT-7450.

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