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The psychology and thinking process of a human tells everything about the situation he/she is in and for attaining the right way to cope up with the situation many people nowadays seek the help of online psychic sites to grab the answers to their unsolved questions. A psychic doctor or psychic reader can easily tell the way you are thinking and the amount of pressure you have on your mind.

After seeking all the required information about the best psychic reading sites present in the virtual world and after analyzing the reviews of the customers and experts, here are the top 4 psycho reading sites which is worth a try, if you are facing some sort of discomfort in your life and want to take help. The Top Rated Psychics of 2020 Handpicked for You.

Kasamba - Best Love psychics readings (Get 70% Off + 3 Free Minutes)

Keen - Best Psychics Reading Online For Guidance on Big Life Decisions (SPECIAL OFFER: GET 10 MINUTES FOR $1.99)

Psychic Source - Best For Tarot Readings and Astrology (As low as $0.66 Per Minute + 3 Minutes FREE)

Oranum - Best For Dream Analysis and Psychic Medium (Get $9.99 in Free Credits After Registering With Oranum)

Kasamba - Best Free Love Psychics Readings Online

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Kasamba has a strong brand name in the industry of psychic reading sites. Kasamba has been running in this industry since 1999. According to the portal of Kasamba, around 4 million customers have already taken advice from Kasamba’s experts. There are around 300+ Kasamba’s psychic experts present in the portal which have specific genres like Astrology readings, tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis advice and relationship guidance. These different genres of experts make Kasamba one of the best psychic reading sites in 2020.

These are the main features of the Kasamba portal and customers can use these points to understand better about their psychic reading site-

  • Live psychic experts connectivity- Kasamba delivers all the possible features and best experience to help their customer to resolve their unanswered questions and problems. Live connectivity with the experts helps the customer to connect more effectively and transfer their data and emotions more accurately. These live sessions include tarot reading, dream interpretation, situation analysis, and other ways to conduct a psychic reading. 
  • High-quality reading via phone and chat system- Kasamba also has a strong name in chat and phone system psychic reading. For many customers that want to connect with the experts through chat and phone medium, Kasamba uses a different system to deliver the best experience to their customers. These high-quality reading never fails to provide a solution to the problems of the customers.
  • Kasamba Tarot reading- Kasamba is widely famous for its tarot reading experts. These experts have years of experience and understand the mindset of their customers within seconds. Customers can easily use the rating system to rate the experts and analyze the rating of previous customers. The experience and insights you gain through these psychic reading sessions will change the way to see the world and maybe change your whole world. 
  • Kasamba discount system- for the first time users in the portal of Kasamba, Kasamba provides a 3 minutes free promotional bonus to their customers. This feature helps the customers to understand the process and operational structure of Kasamba and leads them to choose what live psychics is best for them. The prices per session are also quite affordable for all the customers. 

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Keen Accurate Cheap Psychic Reading by Phone Or Chat

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Keen has been running in the industry since 2005 and is considered the best to provide phone and chat services for a psychic reading online. Keen has many experts that deal with the questions and problems with their customers. Customers can choose the experts in different fields like money, love, relationship advice, career, etc. This feature of choosing the experts of a particular field gives the customer the best experience possible to resolve their problems and delivers the best advice. In the Keen portal, all the experts have their separate page which contains all the basic information about the experts and their abilities and features including their client’s reviews and score. Customers can easily connect with their chosen experts right away if they are available or customers can schedule a meeting at their respective time.

Some key features of Keen which helps you to understand better about these online psychic reading sites are-


  • Verified psychic experts- All the psychic experts in the Keen portal had gone through many screening processes to test their skill and accuracy in their particular field. Having verified experts to help you to solve your problems and answer your unanswered questions will be the best. Keen conducts many screening processes to test the skills of their experts and rate them according to their performances in the screening tests. 
  • Different genres- One of the key features of Keen is that they are providing different genres like love, finance, career, destiny, family, and relationship advice. Having this wide range of sections helps them to understand the problem of their customers and guides them towards the best experts of their particular genre. Customers can easily connect with the experts who have a strong experience in the particular field which delivers the sense of comfort of the customer and tends to resolve the problem more effectively.
  • Variety of Divination tools- Keen experts use a variety of divination tools like runes, crystals, tarot, etc to conduct information drills with their customers. This feature enhances the operational range of Keen and attracts customers more.
  • New membership discount- Completely different from the sites that charge heavy money from their customers, Keen provides the discount to their new members. Keen provides starting 10 minutes of psychic reading online for just $1.99 which is considered affordable to all the customers with ease. 

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Psychic Source - Best For Tarot Readings and Astrology

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Psychic Source is a well-known psychic reading firm in the market. It has been running for more than 30 years and is considered the best one by the experts and customers. The Psychic Source provided the facility to interact with the actual human in many ways like calling, video interaction, and chat system. According to the experts, one of the key features of this portal is that they provide a sense of calmness and relaxing feel to their customers while attaining the data and information about their customer’s situation. Psychic Source is considered one of the best because they don't rush towards the money of the customers, they first understand the problem, deliver the tested way to solve it, and then proceed. 

Some of the main features of Psychic Source are given below in the list. Checkout them to understand more about these sites particularly-

  • They have over 250+ verified Psychic experts to deal with the problems of their customers- Having a verified expert to help you in tackling the hardest problem of your life will surely be a gift. This site has over 250+ psychic experts which will surely be capable enough to help you.
  • All the psychic experts are tested multiple times for authentication- the verification and authenticity of the psychic experts will be the first preferences of the Psychic Source. This site conducts many programs to check the authenticity of their experts in order to save the customer's data and deliver the best experience in the virtual world.
  • Brilliant video calling system of psychic reading- a video call will be the best way in the virtual world to genuinely understand the emotional situation of the customers and customer’s problem. Video call is considered the best way to interact after the face to face interaction as it involves the facial experience and body language of the person whom you are talking to. Psychic Source uses the excellent video calling system to operate with their customers.
  • Different ways to psycho reading- Psychic Source uses many ways like card reading, astrology, dream interpretation, etc to interact with their customers. Different customers need different ways and solutions, that’s why this site is rated as one of the best.
  • Psychic reading fees- this site provides 3 minutes of free services to their new customers to understand the process and experience the environment of a virtual psychic reading online site. After 3 minutes, customers just have to pay $0.66 per minute which is a genuinely very less amount as compared to other psychic reading portals.

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Oranum-  Best Online Psychic Reading for Dream Analysis

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Oranum is a online psychic reading website portal that has over 200+ live psychic reading experts who are providing the answers to the customer’s questions. These experts are fully trained and tested by the portal by many verified and authorized tests. Oranum is most known for its attractive user-friendly interface and the features of security they provide to their customers.

Check out the key features of Oranum given below-

  • New member discount- Oranum is giving an alluring 10 minutes free system to the new member which will surely be the best feature as it helps the customer to understand the portal and its working. After the end of these free 10 minutes, the pricing per minute is quite affordable to all.
  • User-friendly interface- The interface of Oranum’s website is quite satisfying and alluring which tends to attract the customers. They have many features like chat, video call, phone reading system on their website. 
  • Different genres of experts- Oranum has 200+ psychic medium reading experts on their portal and everyone has their own way to understand the customers and deliver the best possible readings. 

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How to make sure that the online psychic reading expert is real?

The most useful way to identify whether your psychic expert is authorized or not, check out the reviews of previous customers of that particular psychic expert. In the portal of the website given above, you can easily check out the reviews of previous customers and identify your choice. 

Which one is more effective, phone reading, or face-to-face psychic reading?

The answer to this question lies in the thinking process of the customer. Many customers prefer to avoid the face to face interaction with their psychic as they feel comfortable in virtual readings they prefer phone call psychics or chat psychics. But many customers want to interact in-person to express their emotions and thoughts more effectively. It completely depends on the customer's choice.

Why should customers get a free reading session online?

For a new member to a particular portal, getting a free 5-10 minutes session of psychic reading online will help the customer to understand the operational process of the site. It also provided a sense of relaxation to new members.

What types of questions can a customer ask during a phone reading session?

The types of questions depend on the genre of the call psychic experts and customers. A customer can ask about their relationship advice and love life to the phone psychic experts of love and relationship advice. There are many genres like career, love, education, depression, finance, destiny, family, and many more. Customers can choose their particular genre and then discuss it with the expert.

Things customers should know before chatting with a psychic reading expert?

Customers should understand the fact that chatting and phone will only transfer the data and information to the other person. The sense of emotions and actual feelings cannot be transferred through chatting. The main thing you should know is what to ask the chat psychics experts and how to frame your questions. Another main thing is that in a chatting system you have to have some patience and give them time to the expert.

Pros of virtual psychic readings-

Speaking about the pros of virtual psychic reading, it helps the customers to save time and money. Virtual reading also enhances the connectivity without any hesitation to the experts. Through a virtual psychic reading, you don’t have to travel somewhere to reach your destination. 

Live sessions of virtual psychic readings will be fun and interesting if you feel comfortable and attached to that particular psychic reading expert. In the virtual sessions customers don't need to face hard questions and awkward situations in person, in fact, you can open your inner self more easily in the virtual world. For shy people, virtual readings will surely be a gift.

Cons of virtual psychic readings-

There are not many cons of virtual psychic readings but some things should be in mind before using a virtual psychic reading portal. You should have a high internet setup to avoid disconnectivity between the sessions. The customer should always check the authorization of the experts. 


Speaking about the conclusion, the best psychic reading sites of 2020 are mentioned above and customers will surely grab one of their life-changing experiences by using these sites for their betterment. Virtual connectivity to the people nowadays is very common and virtual live psychics use this formula to deliver the best features to their customers. Considering the present situation in the world, where this pandemic has disturbed all of us, a virtual psychic medium reading and advice will surely be an option to deal with the problem and cope with the current situation.


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