7 Best Barrel Saunas (Indoor & Outdoor) for 2020

barrel sauna (photo credit: PR)
barrel sauna
(photo credit: PR)
 If you’ve ever tried saunas, you’d know how relaxing and therapeutic they are, with some great physical and mental health benefits.. Well, thanks to barrel saunas, you can relive that experience in your own backyard. Outdoor barrel saunas are a great way to add a touch of uniqueness to your backyard design.

From a structural point of view, barrel saunas are ingeniously designed. They get their cylindrical shape through a number of wooden planks assembled together, and two circular walls at each end.It’s also possible to have an indoor barrel sauna. Many barrel saunas are designed to be both indoor and outdoor barrel saunas.

In the following list, we review the 7 best indoor and outdoor barrel saunas:

1) ALEKO SB7ABPI Pine Indoor Outdoor Barrel Sauna  7 Person - $3,399.99

With a 71 inch diameter and 136 inches length, this large pinewood barrel sauna from ALEKO accommodates 7 people, so there’s plenty of room for you to destress! It comes with 44lbs of sauna stones, strong tempered glass door and a 9 kW sauna heater. 

It can be used as both an indoor or outdoor barrel sauna. This is one of the more user-friendly and technically advanced ones on the list with its very own touch screen control panel.

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2) ALEKO SB4CEDAR Rustic Red Cedar Indoor Outdoor Wet Dry Barrel Sauna 4 Person - $2,899.99
Like its pinewood counterpart, this cedar wood barrel sauna from ALEKO can be both an outdoor or indoor barrel sauna. It has the same features such as the pinewood one, with the only difference being the less powerful 4.5kW sauna heater and it only accommodates 4 people. 
So, this is perfect if you’re looking for a more economical and smaller indoor or outdoor barrel sauna.

The sauna works using heating rocks with the electrical heater, and you pour water over them to adjust the sauna temperature and humidity. Unlike the pinewood one, the cedar wood one doesn’t include an outside porch.

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3) ALEKO 5-Person Pine Barrel Sauna- $ 2,599.99
This pinewood 5-person, outdoor/indoor barrel sauna is basically a smaller version of the 7-person sauna we reviewed first. It has the exact same design with the outside porch and benches, but comes with a 4.5kW electric heater instead of a 9.5kW one. It has the same diameter of 71 inches but a smaller length of 112 inches.

4) Canadian Red Cedar Wood 6' Foot Outdoor Barrel Sauna, 4 Person - $ 4,995
This cedar wood barrel sauna from MCP Saunas can accommodate 4 people and comes with a 1-year warranty. Like the ALEKO ones, it comes with a thermometer and bucket with ladle to pour water. The heater is moderately powerful at 6kW.  It is a fair bit pricier than the ALEKO one, however. 

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5) Canadian Pine Wood 6' Foot Outdoor Barrel Sauna, 4 Person - $ 3,499
This Canadian pinewood barrel sauna follows the exact same design as its cedar wood counterpart. It has no porch on the outside so it is slightly short at 75 inches long. This pinewood sauna is also cheaper than its cedar wood 4-person equivalent due to cedar wood’s superior mechanical properties.

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6) Allwood Barrel Sauna #300-WHP Wood Heater - $6,490
This pinewood barrel sauna from Allwood comfortably houses 6 adults and is quite long at 90 inches. It also comes with an outdoor porch that can seat 2 people. Its shingles roof ensures good durability. 

Unlike the others we have reviewed so far, the Allwood outdoor barrel sauna comes with a wood heater instead of an electric one, so it also features a chimney.  It is one of the priciest on this list, at $6,490.

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BZBCabins.com Barrel Sauna Kit W44, 6 Person Outdoor Sauna - $ 8,950
In terms of the fanciest outdoor barrel sauna, BZBCabins takes the cake. It is constructed from Scandinavian spruce, and features a changing room along with an external porch. It also comes with the Harvia wood burning heater along with electric heating.

Due to its elaborate construction and materials, this barrel sauna is the most expensive, costing almost $9,000.
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Outdoor or indoor barrel saunas are a great addition to your home. Not only is it a stylish fixture that spruces up your backyard, but it greatly benefits your health. They are an awesome way to wind down after a stressful day of work. Some people also use saunas for skin benefits and even weight loss! 

When choosing, consider how large you want it to be and what material you want. These are the main factors that affect the cost of a barrel sauna.