Top 6 Cantilever Patio / Backyard Umbrellas for 2020

Top 6 Cantilever Patio / Backyard Umbrellas for 2020 (photo credit: PR)
Top 6 Cantilever Patio / Backyard Umbrellas for 2020
(photo credit: PR)
If you live in a place that gets loads of hot sunny weather, then you know that a patio umbrella is a must have. It provides the perfect oasis for your meals on hot sunny days. You no longer would have to eat inside, and you can enjoy your meals in the warm sunny weather without getting too warm under the shade. 

Normal free-standing patio umbrellas are a bit annoying, however, as you have to arrange tables around it. Your solution is cantilever patio umbrellas, as you no longer have to worry about how your tables and chairs are arranged.

When choosing cantilever patio umbrellas, you need to think about how well the materials can withstand harsh weather. You also need to consider the stability of the umbrella and other features like tilting. 

Here is a compilation of some of the top cantilever patio umbrellas for 2020.

  1. COBANA 10’ Offset Patio Umbrella with Solar Powered and Blue-Tooth Speaker and 360 Degree Rotation Pole, $ 299.99
This top-rated cantilever patio umbrella from Cobana offers many useful features. Firstly, you can rotate the umbrella 360 degrees, to provide shade to the exact spot you want by pressing down the foot pedal at the base. It also has solar powered LED lights in the steel ribs if it gets too dark under the umbrella. The angle of the umbrella is also adjustable with 4 options to choose from. 

The umbrella itself is made from polyester and has a wind vent to prevent being blown away during windy conditions. The canopy covers a total of 10 ft and the pole itself is 95 inches tall. The ribs are made from aluminium which makes it lightweight but strong.

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  1. HERMO 108C Round 10 Ft Outdoor Cantilever Patio Offset Table Umbrella, $ 212.39

This cantilever patio umbrella from Hermo covers a canopy diameter of 10 ft, and can rotate 360 degrees as well. The frame is made from aluminium including the ribbing, and is powder coated for rust protection. The umbrella is made from durable polyester that is water resistant and blocks UV rays. 

The umbrella pole is 94 inches tall and the whole thing weighs 39 lbs. You can extend the cantilever easily and adjust the tilting. View product on Amazon.

  1. Grand patio 10 FT Aluminum Offset Umbrella, Patio Cantilever Umbrella, $ 119.99

This patio umbrella from Grand Patio offers a canopy of 10 ft and has a lightweight aluminium body and frame, with a powder coated finish. The umbrella itself is made from double-coated polyester making it heavy-duty and weather resistant. It can resist water and block 99% of UV rays. 

It also can be rotated 360 degrees with 6 locking states. The tilt angle is also adjustable. However, the product doesn’t include a base weight, which must be bought separately. 

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  1. Grand patio Deluxe Napoli 11 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella, Patio Cantilever Umbrella with Base, $ 399.99

This is another top-selling cantilever patio umbrella by Grand Patio, and is the highest rated umbrella on this list. Though it’s quite costly, its advanced features set it apart from other patio umbrellas. The umbrella comes with a sturdy base that must be filled with sand or water to stabilize it. The base also has a wheel system for easy movement. 

The canopy diameter is 11 ft, which is larger than the others on the list. The material is a double-coated 240G polyester which is resistant to water and UV rays. The canopy opening angle is adjustable up to 90 degrees. It also features an auto-locking mechanism allowing you to change to any position you want. 

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  1.  COBANA 10 Ft Offset Cantilever Outdoor Patio Hanging Umbrella 360° Rotation with Cross Base, $ 164.99

This cantilever patio umbrella from Cobana also offers 10 ft of shade. When in full use, the total height is around 8 ft. The umbrella can be rotated 360 degrees, and the tilt angle is also adjustable as shown. 

The canopy material is 100% polyester (250 gsm), and is water resistant as well as providing excellent solar protection. The body is made from powder coated aluminium. Like with most cantilever patio umbrellas, you have to purchase the base separately. View on Amazon.

  1. Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED 360 Degree Rotating Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella, $ 159.99
This cool cantilever patio umbrella from Best Choice Products doesn’t waste any of the solar energy it protects you from. It uses it to power 35 LED lights located on each of its ribs. Stepping on the foot pedal rotates the umbrella 360 degrees. There are also 5 positions you can adjust the tilt angle to. 

The 10 ft canopy is made from a fade-resistant, durable polyester fabric that protects from UV rays. The body is aluminium with a powder coated finish to discourage rust. The umbrella also has air vents to withstand heavy winds. The umbrella comes in 9 different colors as shown. 

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Summing Up
When it comes to choosing cantilever patio umbrellas, you need to consider material choice and stability. Most umbrellas are made from weather-proof polyester and the bodies are usually made from powder coated aluminium to prevent rust. Some offer other great features like solar powered LED lights and multiple tilt angles.