Junkyard Near Me: 10 Ways to Find Salvage Yards in Your Place

Are you searching for the best junkyards near me? Explore these ways to find salvage yards that offer used auto parts at a discount or pay instant cash for junk cars.

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Junkyards carry out their business locally, which includes buying wrecked vehicles and selling their functional parts. It helps them to purchase your vehicle at a fair price and provide you with automobile parts that are functional and much cheaper than brand-new ones.

Finding a reliable salvage yard is usually driven by the intention to sell an old vehicle for the highest price possible. And for this, you must perform a search for "junkyard near me" or "salvage yards near me" on your computer or mobile device.

To simplify things for you, we are here with the top 10 efficient ways to find salvage yards near your location. Our top 4 picks are:

  1. USCarJunker – Find salvage yards that offer instant cash for junk cars, SUVs, or trucks. 
  2. Peddle – Receive a free, no-obligation offer for junk cars right away.
  3. YardsNearMe – Discover nearby junkyards to check and sell your old cars quickly and effortlessly.
  4. U Pull It – Find junkyards with inventory and pull out the required component from junk cars.

Let’s keep scrolling down to locate the best 10 options.

    1. USCarJunker

USCarJunker is the best resource if you are searching for a local car junkyard. This online platform allows you to search for nearby auto salvage yards and discover junk yards that primarily buy and sell wrecked vehicles or used auto parts.

In addition to providing details like directions to nearby junkyards, ratings, and customer reviews, USCarJunker also buys junk cars of any brand. The company delivers the safest service from quotation to payment. You can call USCarJunker at (844)509-2399 for inquiries at any time.


  • Ensures a guaranteed quote for your car without being forced to sell
  • It helps you get the best price for your vehicle or its components
  • With its junk car removal service, you don't need to drive your car to a junkyard
  • Professional staff to assist in finding local junkyards in almost all states
  • Buyer protection plan helps cover damages during shipping


  • Lack of address on the official website can make offline deals difficult

Visit USCarJunker to discover salvage yards around you quickly and easily>>

    2. Peddle

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Peddle, an online car dealership, allows you to sell your old car quickly and receive a payment within 48 hours. Peddle makes a free vehicle pickup arrangement and provides a quick offer for your old, damaged, or junk cars.

Peddle used to be just a small business providing junk car removal services, but today it is a well-known used car buyer in your neighborhood. When dealing with them, you'll realize that one of the key factors behind their success is their customer service.


  • Professional services across 50 states
  • Saves time by quickly providing an offer without any obligation
  • Experience in buying, reselling, or repurposing over 2 million cars
  • High level of customer satisfaction proven by over 84k five-star reviews on Trustpilot
  • Staff will come to pick up your vehicle for free


  • Not for new, collectible or vintage cars
  • Prices sometimes drop even after accepting the offer

Trust Peddle to sell your old car in a simple, quick, and professional manner>>

    3. YardsNearMe

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YardsNearMe offers a free selling system for junk cars that not only helps you locate a junkyard near your location but also facilitates instant payment deals in auto salvage yards. Whether you need auto salvage yards' information according to the car's brand or a specific location, YardsNearMe provides all.

You can also contact them directly to sell your car swiftly and efficiently. All you need to do is provide them with information about your vehicle and accept the offer they send after reviewing the details provided by you. YardsNearMe prevents you from towing your car to a junkyard and pays instantly after the pickup.


  • Allows goal-oriented search based on location and brand
  • Recommendations of licensed salvage yards protect from online and offline scams
  • Simple workflow to ensure brisk trade of cars and auto parts
  • Offers trailer services without any additional cost
  • Immediate payment as soon as the vehicle is picked up


  • Website lacks user-friendliness
  • No contact number or address on the official site

Get YardsNearMe's free services to sell your wrecked car for a favorable price>>

    4. U Pull It

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U Pull It is an online platform that helps you find a reliable salvage yard near your location. It also purchases junk cars and provides cash as soon as your vehicle is picked up. When it is about getting an offer for your old car, U Pull It delivers a guaranteed offer in just a few minutes.

U Pull It is also famous for its junkyards in multiple locations. With an inventory of more than 1,200 vehicles every day, you won't face any problems in identifying, dismantling, and pulling the auto component you need. This helps you save up to 90% on parts.


  • Helps search junkyards by location
  • Provides cash for junk cars as soon as they are collected from the owner
  • Allows listing of vehicles for sale on its forum for free
  • Offers 30 days return or exchange warranty on used car parts purchased from its yards
  • Recycles cars in an eco-friendly way


  • Needs to focus on improving customer service at junkyards

    5. UsJunkYard

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UsJunkYard is an online portal that offers multiple services, such as finding junk yards near me, providing cash for cars, and junk car removal, among others. UsJunkYard offers to help you sell your vehicle for the highest price, regardless of how damaged, ruined, or useless it is.

It buys junk cars from all around the country. When you accept their offer, their agents in your city will come, pick up your junker, and issue payment. With years of expertise conducting a transparent workflow, UsJunkYard is a reliable service provider.


  • Buys junk cars of any model and in any condition at highly competitive rates
  • Picks up the car from the seller's location for free
  • It takes only 90 seconds to send an offer
  • Provides solutions that make title transfers hassle-free


  • Checks are often used for payment, and when the car reaches their yard
  • Getting an instant quote requires calling them rather than using their website

Visit UsJunkYard and locate a salvage yard paying top dollar for junk cars>>

    6. JunkYardNearMe

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JunkYardNearMe is the online source for reliable information on junkyards in your area. It helps you locate junkyards based on either your location or the car's brand. In addition to providing the most accurate listings of salvage yards, it also buys out-of-service automobiles for a reasonable price in over 20 states.

Their workflow is quite simple and involves only four steps – providing a quote, getting acceptance from the seller, collecting the vehicle, and giving cash as soon as they finish up with its quick and basic checkup. They put their users first and make it simple to locate nearby junkyards and functional old car parts.


  • Provides local assistance to pick up your junk car right from your home
  • Guaranteed offer from a licensed, bonded, and insured junkyard
  • Environmental protection concept is followed while handling vehicles
  • The whole process, from accepting the offer to payments, takes only 24-48 hours


  • Not all the states are covered
  • Payment is made after the car is checked in their yard

Get fair payment with easy application processes through JunkYardNearMe>>

    7. USSalvageYards

USSalvageYards is an online portal offering a variety of services, such as buying your old damaged car for cash and assisting you in finding a nearby junkyard. It helps you locate salvage yards that offer cost-effective car components in working condition. The best part is that the components there are manufactured by the original car manufacturers.

With USSalvageYards, it also becomes easy to get cash for your old junker. Regardless of whether your car is in working order or not, it will be picked up free of charge from your front door. All you have to do is just accept the zero-obligation offer received after providing some basic information about your vehicle.


  • Accepts junk cars of any brand and in any condition
  • Free towing service is available throughout the country
  • Most competitive offers for old junk cars with guaranteed payments
  • Pays instantly after picking up the car and to the payment option preferred by sellers 


  • Contact number not available on the website

Let USSalvageYards help you find reliable and trustworthy junkyards>>

    8. Junkyards Near Me

Junkyards Near Me has a directory of more than 5,800 businesses and helps easily discover nearby junkyards, scrap yards, towing companies, salvage yards, and metal buyers. Additionally, it offers accurate details on establishments that support vehicle recycling.

Junkyards Near Me can also be trusted if you want to purchase used and functional auto parts or sell your junk car online. Its simple approach for buying your abandoned junk car involves payment as soon as the vehicle is collected from your location. They have posted a contact number on their website to serve you better and address your concerns.


  • Huge directory of highly-rated junkyards near me
  • Allows searching for junkyards according to city, state, address, or just by name
  • Provides accurate and guaranteed offer within minutes of receiving vehicle's information
  • Contact number available for better dealings
  • No paperwork while selling a junk vehicle


  • Sometimes the money offered for junk cars is less than the private buyer

    9. SalvageParts

SalvageParts offers a search engine to discover local junkyards near your contact information in just a few clicks. Depending on the city name, address, or ZIP code, it just takes a few seconds to provide information about a junkyard. 

Their website is also made for people seeking used parts, professional mechanical workshops, and scrap yards. SalvageParts makes it simple for you to acquire a junk car for a reasonable amount or sell an old wrecked car for a good price.


  • Offers new as well as working second-hand parts of cars and motorcycles
  • Accurate information about salvage yards according to the area is provided in seconds
  • Accessories and components of used vehicles are offered at a huge discount of up to 80% (compared to those available at official dealers)
  • Used auto parts are checked at junkyards and come with a guarantee
  • Covers all junkyards of the United States and Canada


  • Featured salvage yards on the website may confuse visitors

    10. USScrapYard

USScrapYard has a robust search engine to assist people who wish to sell their used cars to nearby junkyards, salvage yards, or scrap yards. This website is made to make it simple and quick for you to sell your vehicles, obtain quotes for your car, and discover answers to questions like "scrap yards near me", "salvage yards near me", and "junk yards near me."

USScrapYard claims itsfUScARDelf as a reliable, professional scrap yard service provider in America. They can locate the closest scrap yards for you and offer the best price for your junker. You can find them serviceable in every state and all major cities of the United States.


  • A fully functional website provides an enhanced user experience
  • Saves time by completing the whole process of buying a junk vehicle in just 24-48 hours
  • Cars in any condition and from all parts of the United States are accepted
  • Transparent workflow with no hidden charges or fees
  • Real cash is handed over to the seller as soon as the vehicle is towed


  • Offer is made within 15 minutes, which is much more than competitors

Locate the best junkyard near you with USScrapYard>>


  1. How does a junkyard work?

Junkyards buy damaged cars that aren't worth the amount required for their repair and then sell whatever working components are left in them. The inventory in these junkyards comes from sources like private owners, auto auctions, and insurance companies. Most salvage yards provide free towing services to encourage you to sell them your wrecked vehicle.

    2. What should I bring to the Junkyard?

You should not go empty-handed to the junkyard. There should be the right set of tools with you so that you can easily pull out the required auto parts. Here are some of the top tool picks you should bring:

  • Pliers
  • Ratchets
  • Hammer
  • Wrenches
  • Breaker bar
  • Extensions
  • Screwdrivers
  • Impact driver
  • Penetrating Fluid
  • Sockets SAE and Metric

    3. Should I sell my car to a junkyard?

When people want to sell their old car, they often think of selling it to a junkyard. However, a junkyard should never be your primary option. You should first assess your vehicle (hire an expert if required) and find its fair value. 

If there are chances that you will get a higher price for your vehicle somewhere else than in an American junkyard, go for it. According to the brand, model, year, and other features of the vehicle, many businesses, both locally and online, buy used cars.

    4. Can I sell my car without a title?

It is illegal in the United States to sell your car without a title. Selling a car and car parts to junkyards requires the original title. However, there can be situations when you can sell your vehicle without an original title:

  • If there is no chance of getting your title back, you should prepare to have your car sold for junk.
  • DMV issues a replacement title for a fee. You can request one and get your car sold.

    5. How much do junkyards pay for my car?

Many factors influence the final price of a car, but junkyards often pay anything between $250 and $500 for wrecked cars. Market rates for scrap metal, the weight of the vehicle, its mileage, any dents, and whether or not it is being towed are the factors that influence your car's worth. Note that a car still in use is worth more than one that has been completely decommissioned.


The ultimate source to obtain the best results for your searches for "junkyard near me" or "salvage yards near me" is now available. As long as you make the best use of the information provided, you will succeed in locating a trustworthy buyer who will not only pick your vehicle for free but also offer you the best price for it.

Sellers often get the payment in cash, but the best thing is that removing a junk vehicle from your yard is also good for the environment. When dealing with a nearby junkyard, walk away if you find the business is not offering what you want.

You may also look for junkyards on Google, but the results won't help you avoid falling victim to junkyard scams. You should do thorough research and trust your gut while searching on Google. Try one of the options outlined in this post; it's the best and safest alternative.

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