Loans for People With Bad Credit - What's Available & How To Apply

Loans for people with bad credit (photo credit: PR)
Loans for people with bad credit
(photo credit: PR)
No matter if a vehicle falls into disrepair, a roof starts leaking or someone just wants to take an unplanned vacation, the need for extra cash can come up at any time, and many consumers turn to personal loans to fill the gap. The problem is that those with bad credit often find it next to impossible to receive their needed funds, and some begin to feel as though they are out of options, which is untrue.
With the right tips and a little guidance, almost everyone can have access to the financial resources that they need, and doing so is usually easier than a lot of consumers would suspect. In fact, many resources are available to help people with poor credit to receive funding and to improve their scores:
  • High Interest Rate Loans
  • Using a Co-Signer
  • Secured Loans

The following guide offers valuable information to anyone seeking loans for people with bad credit.

High Interest Rate Loans

When someone's credit score falls between 580 and 629, getting an unsecured loan can be challenging, but it's not impossible. After doing some research, they can find credit unions and other financial institutions that offer loans for people with bad credit. Those who take this path will often pay up to 30 percent in interest. Although this might not seem appealing, it's a viable solution for those who need funds but would otherwise be unable to get them.

Using a Co-Signer

For those with bad credit who want to get a personal loan with reasonable interest rates, getting a willing friend or family member to co-sign is a smart choice. The interest rate that they can expect to pay will depend on several factors, including the credit score of the co-signer. When people use this option, it's important they remember that defaulting or missing a payment will impact the person who took out the loan and the co-signer.

Secured Loans

Using a vehicle as a form of collateral is another path for those who have bad credit. Consumers who use this method will need to own a car or truck that is worth at least as much as the loan to meet the requirements and to receive the funds. It's vital to keep in mind that the bank will be able to assume ownership of the vehicle if the loan goes into default, which can make the financial situation much worse.

Final Thoughts

Even though some people don't believe that loans for people with bad credit exist, many solutions are available that will make the process straightforward. Paying higher interest rates, getting a co-signer or using collateral to secure the loan will allow anyone with bad credit to get approved for a personal loan. 
Borrowers must review their budget and financial stability before moving forward so that they can avoid falling into the same trap. When they are used the right way, personal loans can provide money to people in need, but they are also an effective way to rebuild a credit score.