Actress Bruna Rubio sheds light on her latest upcoming projects

 (photo credit: BRUNA RUBIO)
(photo credit: BRUNA RUBIO)

It is 8 a.m. in Madrid, and Bruna Rubio has already finished four tasks off her to-do list for the day - gym, meditation, checking and responding to business emails, and recording her voice at the studio for a TV program.  This livewire, young actress has a lot more to do. Her bright smile and confident stride tell us that she will do everything she has set out to do and do it brilliantly. She takes a five to discuss with us her upcoming projects.

Born into a family that has been into production gave Rubio the perfect head-start to start her own production company. She says, "I am very excited about Goldheart productions. We are currently producing a mini-series titled Nevaeh."

She is also busy with the shooting of Cuanto Vale Tu for Channel 22. She is one of the judges of this reality TV show. "It is a hectic routine," she says, "but it keeps me on my toes." Being naturally conscious about health and fitness has helped Rubio keep up with this rigorous life that the show business demands.

As the global entertainment industry is getting more and more democratized, both veterans and new entrants are taking digital channels very seriously. On the same line, Rubio has set her eyes on digital platforms. 'A series for Netflix is on the cards', she says.

Rubio started her acting career when she was three years old. Over the years, she worked hard to perfect the techniques and gain all the experience that came her way. "Making a name for yourself in LA is no easy task," she says. And naturally, she's all excited about her upcoming movie titled Aaah! Roach! Rubio is sharing screen space with some of the biggest names in Hollywood in this movie.

According to Rubio, LA is the place to be for any aspiring actor. "I have been involved in plenty of projects here, and it is hard to keep my head from spinning. Yet, that's what I love the most about LA," she says, "It has given me opportunities that I could not have imagined. I have come to believe that if you know how to hold your own and if you are hard-working, you can get everything you want and more here."

For Rubio, like for most of us, 2020 was a slipshod year. "But I have high hopes from 2021," she says. The enviable projects that she has lined-up for the year make things look bright and positive for Bruna Rubio.