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The supplement that's catching on: Collagen

  (photo credit: ALON SHAFRANSKY / PR)
(photo credit: ALON SHAFRANSKY / PR)

Let's make it simple: collagen gives support to the skin just like scaffolding gives support to a building. So how much do you need it? A lot. Really a lot!Collagen is the main protein in the body. Collagen fibers are proteins in the deep dermis layer of the skin, which give it stability and keep it smooth and rich in moisture. The skin needs high levels of collagen fibers to look healthy and young.Every year you lose about 1% of the amount of collagen in your body, and by age 45 you are expected to lose up to 25% of the natural collagen in your body.Meaning: wrinkles, the contours of the face weaken, and say goodbye to firm skin.So what should we do? It is possible to restore the skin's lost collagen or delay the rate of its disappearance. A healthy diet and controlled sun exposure can help. There are products on the market that promise they contain collagen, but not all do.

In my clinic, I treat collagen deficiency by injecting an innovative substance called Sculptra. It is a substance that produces natural collagen and restores the structural support of the skin, which has been lost over the years as part of the aging process. Sculptra gradually restores the skin's capabilities, corrects volume, renews the skin and smoothens wrinkles. And the results? They remain for a long time, 25 months, from the last treatment!The treatment is suitable for the lower part of the face: the neck, the jaw line and around the mouth. Another bonus: it is also active and effective in the arms, the back of the hands, the stomach and the buttocks.So, bottom line. What happens? After applying the anesthetic cream and cleaning the area, I inject the substance using a needle or cannula under the skin. I inject between one and three bottles, once or twice, depending on the situation in the area and the result you want to achieve. 

In summary, the face is like a tower of cubes. If the base (collagen) is not stable and firm, the whole face will not sit well. First of all, you have to build their correct shape - and that's exactly what the Sculptra does.

Beautip - Tip From The Expert:Sculptra is an excellent treatment, but it's very important to adapt the treatment to the person, to the need, to the condition of the skin and to the desired result. As good as a treatment is - if it's not personally adapted - it will not yield a good result.

New at the clinic of dermatologist Dr. Lehavit Akerman, the new Spectra version of the laser platform-based Q-Switched Nd, from laser giant Lutronic.

The device, which has six different laser wavelengths, has a wide variety of skin treatment goals. The treatments are administered efficiently, with minimal recovery time.

  • Treatment of wave pigmentation in dark skin
  • Treatment of skin redness
  • Tattoo removal
  • Renewal and rejuvenation of the skin
  • Reduction of age spots and sun spots
  • Reduction and/or removal of congenital spots
  • Treatment of all types of acne

In most cases, the laser treatments do not injure the skin, do not require a recovery period, and has no side effects. The device integrates well into a program combined with several other devices for a more effective result. The outstanding advantage is its efficiency and safety compared to previous types of treatments.

The procedure varies from one treatment to another.

Improving the quality of the skin:  For those who have wrinkles and open pores, this treatment is the ideal way to renew and rejuvenate the skin. The process is quick and incurs no pain and no recovery time. 

Age spots, sun spots and freckles: This spot removal treatment uses a wavelength that reduces the possibility of side effects after the treatment. Suitable for all skin tones, the unique combination of the device allows for optimal adjustment to the patient's skin. 

Reduction of acne and skin redness: The wavelength used in this treatment makes it possible to reduce an inflammatory reaction. Yellow laser has a high level of absorption of the energy in the blood vessels. This allows for the calming of the inflammatory reaction (active acne or redness) and the reduction of blood vessels in the treated area.

Treatment of melasma and improvement of skin tone:  Melasma, which means "black spot," is a common skin disorder. This is the first device in the world to receive FDA approval for the treatment of melasmas. The treatment uses the double pulse technology. There is also a laser wavelength that helps lighten melasma pigmentation by targeting the melanin cells.

Price for treatment: NIS 2,000. Depending on the condition of the skin, two to five treatments are recommended. 

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