Best AI essay generator tool to try (2023)

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In today's fast-paced world, students are constantly seeking reliable resources to assist them in their academic endeavors. 

One such platform that has gained popularity among students is to provide comprehensive academic support, it has captured the attention and favor of students worldwide. 

This article aims to explore the reasons behind the growing appeal of 

Join us as we delve into the reasons why is one of the best AI essay writing tools.

Why Do Students Find It So Easy To Use? 

After all the hype that was getting from students on its user-friendliness, we decided to try it out for ourselves. Because let’s be real, earlier, you just had to say ‘write my essay’ to some writing service, pay them, and your essay was done. So we decided to explore why exactly students are raving about PerfectEssayWriter.AI. Tools

Key Feature


AI Essay Writer

Flawless customized essays in 90 seconds


Essay Outliner

Structured outlines according to essay types


Essay Topic Generator

Unlimited topics according to subject


Thesis Statement Generator

Clear and concise statements



Complete all tasks from research to editing


Grammar & Spell Checker

Helps with editing


Style Tone Suggestor

Guides about the tone according to the topic


Paragraph Generator

Content creation other than essays


Content Improver

Rephrasing and improving sentences


Sentence Structure Analysis

Recommendations and revised versions of sentences


Readability Analysis

Tells how to reader perceives the text


Personal Statement Writer

Helps with admission essays and applications

So when we tried this essay writer AI tool, the overall process of generating an essay was quick and efficient. 

Here is what the total process looked like:

     1. Select the Template: We were given the option to choose between 15+ essay templates. It made it quite easy to generate the exact output required. 


     2. Fill in the Requirements Form: We were required to provide essay details such as topic, academic level, essay type, subject, citation style, pages, and sources.


     3. Generate Results: With just one click, the tool generated a unique and high-quality 

output based on the provided requirements.

     4. Edit & Download: The last step was to review, edit, and improve the essay before downloading the final version.

After this process, we explored all its templates to see why students love them so much. In the next section, we will review all its famous templates for you. 

We Tried Out These Templates for You!

In order to provide an unbiased assessment of the templates, we tried each template ourselves. Our goal was to find out why students are raving over these templates. 

Here are the key findings from our review:

Essay Outliner

After using the Essay Outliner template provided by, we found it to be an incredibly helpful tool for students. Here are three reasons why we believe students appreciate this template:

  • Streamlined Organization
  • Time-saving Efficiency
  • Enhanced Clarity and Focus

Essay Topic Generator

Having personally utilized the Essay Topic Generator template, we were impressed by its effectiveness in generating compelling essay topics. Here are three reasons why we believe students appreciate this template:

  • Instant Inspiration
  • Broad Subject Coverage
  • Time-saving Solution

Thesis Statement Generator

After utilizing the thesis statement generator, we discovered its utility for students. Here are the top reasons why students think this is the best AI essay writer. 

  • Accurate and Concise
  • Customization Options
  • Time-saving Assistance

Personal Statement Writer

Our experience with the Personal essay generator template revealed why so many students are turning to this template. A personal statement generated by this tool had the following features: 

  • Individualized Approach
  • Proper Structure and Coherence
  • Showcasing Strengths

Style Tone Suggestor

Upon reviewing the Style Tone Suggestor template, we concluded that it is a highly effective tool for students, especially in literary writing. 3 top features of this tool are: 

  • Consistency in Writing Style
  • Tone Adaptability Feature 
  • Enhanced Communication

Paragraph Generator

We assessed why students prefer this tool over any other AI-generating tool through our assessment of the paragraph generator template.

  • Coherent Structure
  • Time Efficiency
  • Enhanced Flow

Content Summarizer

The Essay Outliner template available at garnered our appreciation for the following features: 

  • Concise Summaries
  • Time-saving Tool
  • Retaining Relevance

Content Improver

After using and analyzing the content improver template, we can confidently affirm that it gives the most unique suggestion for the content. The generated content has the following features :

  • Polishing Language
  • Enhanced Expressiveness
  • Improved Grammar and Clarity

Sentence Structure Analysis

Our hands-on experience with the sentence structure analysis template showcased how it aids students in improving their daily writing. After using this template, we saw the following: 

  • Improved Grammar and Syntax
  • Variety and Complexity
  • Enhanced Readability

Summing Up,

After the success of reliable custom writing services, the emergence of AI-powered writing tools has opened up new possibilities for students in the academic realm. Best AI essay writer tools like, offer a range of benefits and solutions to address students' writing challenges. 

This article was written in cooperation with Nova Allison