Betting Regulations in Israel

You may be wondering what the betting scene currently looks like in Israel.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
You may be wondering what the betting scene currently looks like in Israel. The answer is that it is fairly complicated right now, and this is due to specific betting regulations imposed by the government. Despite these regulations, betting remains a reasonably popular activity throughout Israel. The blurred regulations can seem confusing and complicated to many citizens. All types of betting and gambling are subject to various regulations, and on the whole remain restricted, with the majority of betting activities being deemed as illegal. Below, you can find out more about these specific betting regulations and in the process, clear up any misconceptions that you may have.


Online Betting in Israel


Online betting has become huge globally in the past few years, and this is mainly down to technological advances which have made the activity highly convenient. You can access online betting websites and applications from your phone, desktop, and tablet devices. This makes it easy for citizens to get involved in betting from the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, it isn't this simple for Israeli players, and this is due to the government completely outlawing most forms of online betting. The only online betting websites allowed in the country are the national lottery and certain sports betting websites. However, the majority of online betting is kept strictly controlled, and many betting websites are banned. Moreover, the government even imposes filters to block access to betting websites.


Yet, many Israeli players are still able to take advantage of online betting. This is because there are many foreign websites which fully accept Israeli players. As a bonus, some even take deposits and withdrawals Shekels, which allows players from Israel to have a highly convenient experience. You can compare which betting sites are top-rated and make your own decision. Many players avert government blocks with the use of VPNs and proxies. Even for those who are novices with technology, it is relatively simple to set up these methods for gaining access to betting websites. However, you should be warned that the legality of the use of proxies remains complicated.


Brick & Mortar Casinos


Aside from online betting, the most popular alternative is to visit a real-life casino. The online experience comes close to replicating the thrills of a brick & mortar casino; however, nothing can quite compare to the betting experience in the flesh. Once again, Israeli players will be disappointed to learn that physical casinos are also banned. There are strict laws against the opening and operating of casinos of any kind. However, this has not deterred gambling enthusiasts from running  underground casinos. These underground casinos have caught the attention of many Israeli players who want to experience the thrill and joy of a real-life betting experience.


There is one notable exception to the ban against physical casinos, and it applies to cruise ships. There are many dedicated cruise ships located on the biggest ports around Israel, and within these ships, gambling is entirely legal. This means you can enjoy a variety of casino table games such as roulette and blackjack. Therefore, if you want a legal gambling experience in Israel, your best option is to visit a dedicated cruise ship.


How Likely Are The Regulations to Change?


The gambling laws in Israel are very controversial politically, and there are vehemently opposing views. Some Israeli politicians hold the belief that gambling should be fully legalized and regulated, whereas others take the view that gambling should always remain banned entirely. A small group of politicians has even devised a proposal to create gambling resorts in the country, as a way of boosting tourism and bringing in extra funds. It remains to be seen whether these proposals will ever see the light of day. For now, the legal ban on betting looks unlikely to change anytime soon.




Without a doubt, the betting regulations in Israel are stringent in comparison to most of the world. The government continues to clamp down on online betting and remains dedicated to bar most forms of betting in the country. Let us know your personal thoughts on this issue in the comments below.