Brian Dalmaso is on a mission to help people unlock their potential

  (photo credit: Brian Dalmaso)
(photo credit: Brian Dalmaso)

You have probably heard time and time again how important mindset is in the world of entrepreneurship. While it might sound repetitive, the right mindset is one of the most important tools you need when starting a business. Business coach Brian Dalmaso not only teaches you how to be in the right mindset, but he also teaches you how to think like the world’s most successful business leaders.

Dalmaso, who has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Lowell, spent the beginning of his career at the juggernaut General Electric (GE). In 2000, he left GE to pursue other opportunities, including the software industry, network consulting, network marketing, and his current business, Matrix Success Network.

A coaching company, Matrix Success Network, focuses on teaching the right entrepreneurial mindset to the masses. Specifically, Dalmaso teaches people how to train their minds to create multiple revenue streams and build “bulletproof” incomes. As Dalmaso is a business mastermind and successfully runs multiple companies at once, his goal is to show others how to do the same. His life-changing mentor, Bob Proctor, instilled in him a deep desire how to start or transform their own businesses by believing in the unlocked potential resting in their minds.

The method he uses to achieve this is a positive affirmation, which helps his students create something new in their lives or eliminate negativity that is holding them back. He also helps people understand why just 1 percent of the population earns and controls 99 percent of the world’s wealth. The Mindset Matters program teaches how to think like the 1 percent so you can achieve similar results.

How to unlock your potential

According to Dalmaso, your journey to unlocking your best self is determined by your attitude and the strategy you put in place. The following Dalmaso tips will help you strategize your ascend to operating at full potential; however, your attitude change needs to come from you. It is also important to remember that overthinking every step often gets in the way of your progress.

  • Focus on strengths

It is very easy to get caught up in what you don’t have instead of focusing on the gifts you do possess. Dalmaso strongly advocates zeroing in on the things you’re good at and honing those to drive you to your goals. When you develop these natural strengths, they help make up for your shortcomings and give you the confidence to better yourself.

While on this, Dalmaso also highlights the importance of avoiding negative feedback loops. It is easy to have negative thoughts running unchecked in your mind. These can render you hopeless and helpless; therefore, ensure to avoid falling into these loops. Prioritizing self-care and surrounding yourself with good people will help you beat this and focus on the areas you excel.

  • Start your day with a plan.

Dalmaso says that successful people start their day with a clear schedule of what they wish to achieve. Having a definitive list of things to do for the day or the week keeps you grounded and focused on getting things done. This also helps you subconsciously work on solutions when you’re going about your day.

As you put together your daily plan, Dalmaso cautions against filling your plate with too much. Be selective about your priorities because you can’t do it all. Therefore, break down your path into steps and work on completing each one before moving to the next one. Your time management also plays a huge role in how much you accomplish.

  • Focus on the present

If something went wrong yesterday, or you didn’t complete a task, you can’t turn back the hands of time. Your best approach to this is to focus on today. The past will often cage you with ineptitude, but Dalmaso cautions against getting stuck there. Be present in the present and work on the now and the future.

  • Fail forward

Failure is never fatal, but we seem to believe that. According to Dalmaso, to unlock your full potential, you need to treat failure as a necessary part of your journey. This will help you cross roadblocks with ease and develop your problem-solving skills.

  • Trust the process

Getting frustrated in the process is easy, especially when you are working hard and not getting much in return. Dalmaso notes that it becomes easier to face each day when you believe in where you are going. However, it is important to remember that unearthing your greatest potential is not an overnight process. Since the journey may be tedious, you need to constantly remind yourself why you’re doing it and keep your focus on the end goal.

Following the above, you will be able to kickstart your journey to unlock your true potential. Other aspects of Dalmaso’s program include creating new habits, a network of like-minded individuals, mentorship, support, empowerment, and personal growth. If you are looking to essentially reinvent yourself and learn how to unlock your mind’s potential to make a comfortable living, Dalmaso’s training is the perfect place to start.

This article was written in cooperation with Brian Dalmaso.