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Looking for the best canvas print to decorate your home or office? Whether you want to ensure that your kids do not make a mess with their table painting or want to create an impressive focal point at work, Canvas Champ is happy to help. It specializes in canvas prints of excellent quality using high-end printing methods. It works with a wide range of products, designing and making everything from prints of your child's painting to your company logo.  

Custom printed and framed canvas prints are hot these days. Not only are they perfect for adding an artistic touch to your home and office decor, but they also come in a wide range of designs and styles to match your preferences and needs.  

How can you not be in awe of the beauty of art prints? It is one of the most effective ways of making a place look more beautiful. It is also a fantastic way of decorating a home or office. But what if you cannot afford expensive art prints or want to make your home or office look more personalized, then you can always go for canvas prints.  

What are Canvas Prints?  

Canvas prints are a fantastic way to display your photos in a way that is both attractive and will last for many years. They are a great option for use by businesses that want to display photos of satisfied customers in their lobby or by people who want a way to display photos of their loved ones in a way that makes them feel more personal.  

You have heard of canvas prints before, but what are they exactly? Canvas prints are a fantastic way to personalize your room, office, or home with a one-of-a-kind artwork that you can enjoy every day. They are also a wonderful way to display your photos in an attractive and high-quality way.  

Why are Canvas Prints So Popular?  

Canvas prints were a great fit for digital printing since they were able to be printed inexpensively, and they were simple to ship and, if designed correctly, the prints on canvas were stunning in a modern contemporary, modern home. With the advent of e-commerce printing, canvas prints became the perfect product to buy online and deliver everywhere (size and weight allowing) and we witnessed an explosion of businesses offering customers a variety of ways to print their images. That is the basic outline of the business and how we ended up here. What do you consider for your very personal art canvas?  

Printing Methods of Canvas:  

  1. The entire piece customized cotton-blend canvas is created by weaving premium canvas to help keep the integrity of the photograph. The custom blend of cotton canvas offers the highest density of color and ensures that each pixel in your photo is saturated by bold true hues. This is the reason these canvas prints come in museum quality. The custom-made canvas blend with inks produces an amazing image.  
  2. The farmers employ an advanced automatized stretching system to achieve the ideal stretch for the canvas. The right amount of tension guarantees two things. The first advantage of having the right tension is there will not be any cracks caused by pressure within the ink.   
  3. Printing your images on cotton canvas will ensure to present them in their most beautiful way and will bring back joy to those fond memories.  
  4. Prints printed on canvas can be made using solvent inks. The ink is absorbed by and within the fibers in the blend of cotton canvas instead of sitting on surface of the canvas. The result is that canvas prints printed using aqueous inks to fade in color and produce images of lower quality. This is among the primary reasons for using solvent inks.  
  5. The canvas is then stretched and framed after printing. Some prefer a border that is not framed, while others prefer canvas prints that have been framed. Many people choose the gallery-wrapping method to make a canvas print that is unframed. This involves wrapping your canvas around stretcher bars and attaching it to the frame. 

Major Applications of Canvas Prints:  

    1. Office/Business Decor  

Canvas prints have become a preferred option for businesses and offices of all kinds. Decorating with these prints can help create a mood inside your office. Additionally, you can get wholesale pricing for larger orders.  

    2. Home Decor  

Canvas prints are stunning items of home decor. They are perfect for living rooms, foyers, kitchens, dining areas bedrooms, guest rooms. They add a unique and delicate touch to every space while being cost-effective.  

    3. Canvas Prints as Gift 

Canvas prints are the ideal personalized present. These are very affordable and easy to fall for. Family and friends of ours will cherish their canvas prints as presents for years to come.  

Framed Prints Vs Canvas Prints, what is the Difference?  

It is common to combine canvas prints and frames in contemporary decor. This is because frames can be used to complement the decor in a room by linking the color scheme with the canvas prints. The type of frame chosen can also affect the tone of an image or artwork. 

With a plain border frame in black the focus is on the photo or artwork. However, more stylized frames, such as traditional or contemporary frames emphasize the individuality of the image. When selecting frames, furnishings, and decor for the room it is essential to keep the harmony.  

Canvas prints offer a flexible and beautiful way to decorate walls. They can be easily incorporated into any design because the frames can be altered to fit any design. These vibrant colors can be used as focal points in your space to add life and color. 

Advantages of Canvas Prints:  

  • The largest image size that can be used for an area of wall.  
  • Do not display any reflections or glares.  
  • Are lighter than framed prints weigh less than framed.  
  • It is much simpler and less expensive to make extremely large sizes.  
  • Canvas prints are frameless displays that create an extensive view of the scene.  
  • It produces a painting-like effect that creates a very appealing painting.  
  • Can be used in semi-humid conditions.  
  • The absence of frames blends nicely with any style of decor in the office or at home.  
  • Creative multi-panel options available.  

Types of Canvas Prints: 

The art of decorating using canvas prints has been among the top sought-after design trends for interiors across the world over the last few years. The originality and quality of canvas prints allow them to appear unique in any circumstance.  

    1. Single Canvas Prints  

One canvas print is the most fashionable style of canvas décor. They are simple, yet beautiful. Single canvas prints are available with a range of customizable options. The first step is to select the depth of the canvas. After you have selected the canvas's depth you can alter the border design from blurred to mirror, white, black, or grey.  

Every canvas print comes with a ready-to-hang frame. That means that after your print is delivered, you can begin rearranging your home. The simple-to-hang design makes it easy to change prints to match seasons. The canvas design tool we provide will suggest the ideal size for your artwork and you can look at all sizes here.  

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    2. Small Format Canvas Prints  

These Miniature Format Canvas Prints are made to be displayed on shelves or smaller spaces on walls. Other sizes of these prints in the smaller format collection are ideal for kitchens, living rooms bedrooms, and offices.  

Photos of families, pet portraits vacation photos, photos of your interior decor and other things look amazing when printed on gorgeous small-format canvas prints created from the United States. In addition, the customized cotton canvas blend highlights your images with sharp clarity and vibrant hues. The photos you print on canvas will amaze your guests as well as keep you thinking of your best moments of the day.  

    3. Large Format Canvas Prints  

Large-format Canvas prints pop due to their striking style. Enormous size canvas print, you will have no trouble creating an impact. It is made from the same American manufactured materials as our smaller canvas prints large-format canvas prints can create a stunning space.  

Although the canvas prints are bigger however, they are still quite cost-effective for your wallet. Our state-of-the-art printer allows us to swiftly print your images with high quality, which helps bring prices down. Prints on canvas in large format can bring your fond memories back to the forefront!  

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Framed Vs Unframed Canvas Prints: 

    1. Framed Canvas Prints 

All our frames of Wall Art come ready to hang, in a stunning frame that will be noticed in any room. Framed art prints can be found in timeless frames, Framed Magnet Collage, Framed Canvas Prints, and Framed Posters. The Art Photo Print can either be unframed or framed!   

    2. Unframed Canvas Prints 

Our Wall Art is framed; this gives you more freedom of choice in framing. The majority of Canvas Prints apart from our Framed Canvas Print, are not framed. The same is true for our Acrylic Prints and Posters. 

Important Factor to Keep in Mind While Buying Customized Canvas Prints:  

If you are printing your most treasured memories on canvas, you will desire them to be flawless. If you determine if the business you select follows the most effective techniques for printing on canvas and canvas printing, you can be assured to receive a museum grade canvas print.  

    1. Framing Structure  

The frame on which the canvas is stretched over is a key component that makes up the print. Frames are typically made from pine. The frames we offer are fired up to increase the durability of the frame as well as creating a unique appearance for your canvas prints.  

If you are aware of the importance of working with an established company, you can upload your picture and let us handle the rest. Our Canvas Design Tool will help you choose the most appropriate size canvas for your photograph. This ensures that the print you print is perfect pixel quality.  

You can choose additional options such as border styles and canvas thickness. This makes the canvas completely yours. Each time you enter your living space and look at the canvas you have chosen, you will be reminded of those wonderful memories. 

    2. Canvas Print Style  

Canvas printing can be found in a variety of styles and styles to help you decorate your office or home with striking artistic elements. From traditional rectangle or square forms to complex hexagonal shapes, you can choose the perfect design for your canvas that matches your design.  

In general, natural scenes and landscapes look great on canvases of landscapes, while images of people and pets are ideal for square-shaped canvases. It is possible to search for suggestions on the internet using photos or ask your printer for suggestions on a suitable solution.  

    3. Type of Canvas  

A cotton blend that is custom designed is the most suitable option for printing on canvas. You should look for this kind of canvas because the image quality and color are more vibrant.  

    4. Thickness of Canvas 

The two canvas thicknesses include .75" and 1.5". 1 .75" width is the most common canvas thickness. The depth of the canvas affects the appearance, as well as the strength. 

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    5. Resolution 

Before you present the image to print make sure you check the resolution with Photoshop. The higher the resolution greater, the better for larger prints: it is possible to print an impressive canvas printed in the resolution begins with 100 dots per inch.  

    6. Print Material and Quality  

A good printer should permit you to pick the type of material and the grade the canvas is made of. It is easy to locate a product that is within your budget and produces the results you need. It is helpful to keep in mind that some materials are more effective than others when it comes to specific designs.  

The choice of the right printer is a different aspect that can have a significant impact on the results. A little investigation can help you locate the most reliable printer for the job completed. For instance, you must pick a different kind of paper to print landscapes, rather than abstract artwork. Be aware that certain printmakers will only accept the standard options.  

Consider the Top Creative Canvas Display Ideas for Your Home & Office:

    1. Framed Canvas Prints   

Every custom-framed artwork is a part of our hearts. However, if you are looking for an original texture and style there is nothing better than an original canvas painting. Simply Framed provides a range of stunning, classic Canvas Float frames for canvas artwork specifically designed to let your art shine.   

    2. Collage Canvas Prints   

You can become your own interior designer by using canvas prints for your projects! Decorate your walls with collage gallery canvas prints to display your artistic side. The collage canvas can be used to highlight several photos or split an image into multiple distinct pictures to create a distinct style with a unique flair. The Design-a-Wall tool will assist in the creation of a captivating wall, regardless of whether you are displaying your own work or a favorite print.   

Canvas prints made of collage are a great method to make your gallery wall ideas come to life. We have a variety of options to help you create the gallery walls you have dreamed of such as stacked, squared or panoramic designs. Take into consideration the space you are working in to determine the right option for your needs.   

    3. Hanging Canvas Prints   

Make an impact with these easy-to-hang canvas pieces by making your own canvas prints to hang. These hanging canvas prints make your creative talents come to life through personalizing these contemporary and contemporary canvas prints for wall art. Make your most memorable memories of original works of art that everyone in your family can enjoy and admire.  

The prints are printed on a semi-gloss-finish with premium poly-cotton canvas, these prints are as sturdy as they are gorgeous. Every canvas print includes two elegant and fashionable black wood bars that keep the top and bottom of the canvas to the wall.    

    4. Create Artwork & Print on Canvas 

Another way to add an extra to your space is adding frames for photographs, artwork, and prints. This adds a visual element to the room of your children. Select your copyright-free favorite pieces or look through iStock to find some amazing artworks that will stimulate their imaginative minds!   

    5. Horizontal & Vertical Canvas Prints   

Create a beautiful wall by putting up the horizontal Canvas Prints in sizes that range between 10x20, 10x24 and 30x40 etc. The canvas art pieces look stunning with wide-lensed and wide-lensed photographs. Bring your photography of panoramic to new heights by having the prints printed and displayed in front of your loved ones to take in. The horizontal wall art canvas can also include three different images that can turn every canvas image into a prized artwork.   

Vertical canvas Prints come in a range of sizes, including 8x10 10x14, 12x12 16x16, 16x20, and 30x30 etc. Utilize your images to create enduring canvas prints that be a fantastic addition to any office or home. With designs that can be matched to any occasion and occasion, these Vertical canvas art prints make great gifts or to decorate any simple wall.   

    6. Panoramic Framed Poster Prints   

Panorama photos can be difficult to capture but are pure joy. That is why we have developed our panoramic frame-framed poster prints to honor those precious snaps. Our poster prints are the ideal gift to any photographer eager to hang their photos up on the wall.   

    7. Photo Tiles   

Wooden Photo Blocks are freestanding and blend into any design perfectly. Pick between white or black edges made of wood and a selection between four dimensions, based on the size you would like your photo tile to be. Your most memorable moments, placed in the front and center.   

    8. Free-standing Photos   

They are sturdy and give an elegant look that is perfect for any room that requires an extra zing of character. Select from two sizes and display your favorite photos. The photo blocks can be displayed as landscape or portrait based on the pictures you have picked. Add photos of yourself or an amazing mountain view.   


It is hard to find something that can bring a smile to your face every day. Artwork is the perfect way to brighten up a room, bringing you joy when you look at it. If you are looking for a way to display your favorite photos and enhance the decor in your home or office, you will love our high-quality canvas prints.   

CanvasChamp is the best place to find custom canvas print and wall art for home and office decor. They have a unique selection of canvas prints and wall art to fit your home and office decor. They offer free shipping, free returns, and no sales tax so you can shop worry free.  

We have a full selection of sizes, shapes, and styles. We ship our products worldwide, and we have a 100% money back guarantee. CanvasChamp has unique, high-quality canvas prints that will make your home or office pop with color and texture.  

Their team is filled with talented and passionate photographers who are devoted to making the highest quality canvas prints. CanvasChamp offers a wide range of sizes and shapes for printed canvases, including rectangular, panoramic and square. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Canvas Prints:

    Q. What are CanvasChamp Canvas made of? 

Canvas is made from hemp and is strong and durable. Canvas prints that you buy for your home are usually made from cotton or polyester fiber. Cotton fibers are used to make cloth, but the color seeps through fabric made from cotton fibers. The color is attached to the polyester fibers' surface. Prints made from polyester are more vivid and brighter than prints made with cotton. However, they last longer.

    Q. Do canvas prints look better framed? 

The finishing process of a frame can create a polished look of canvas print. If you are showing a variety of artworks on one wall and you want to frame them all, framing them with the same material unifies the art, regardless of the nature or style. 

    Q. How do you define a canvas print without frame? 

An unframed canvas is an artwork that is not put into a frame. Because of their frameless borders, this canvas can be adapted to any design. The ability to adapt is crucial in the current design trends! Canvas prints without frames are popular with people for their modern and fun style. 

    Q. What is the difference between canvas prints and framed print? 

The primary distinction between an artwork prints and canvas prints is the substrate used to print prints. A print is made of canvas and paper, while a print utilizes canvas as the print's canvas. Art prints are smaller than a canvas image. It also is more attractive when framed. It has less texture than a canvas print.  

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