Cosmetic dentist Dr. Armand Amselem debunks 5 myths about surgical procedures

A single missing tooth can change the structure of your jaw and face

 (photo credit: DR. ARMAND AMSELEM)
(photo credit: DR. ARMAND AMSELEM)
People often underestimate the impact teeth have on their overall appearance, and as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Armand Amselem explains why that is a huge mistake. 

A single missing tooth can change the structure of your jaw and face, make your lips look thinner and give your cheeks a hollow appearance. Like it or not, people make instant opinions about you based on the health of your teeth. Unfortunately, many people are still reluctant to address their dental issues because of an almost superstitious fear of the dentist’s chair. To put the patient's minds at rest, Dr. Armand has kindly agreed to debunk 5 myths about surgical procedures.

It Will Hurt Like Hell

The reason most people don’t visit a cosmetic dentist to get the teeth they have always dreamed about is simple - they unthinkingly believe that it will involve primitive techniques invoking tremendous pain. So here is some good news - it won’t. All surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia, so there is no pain, just a lot of gain.

It Will Cost A Lot

Just as you can not put a price on happiness, neither should you put a price tag on that smile. But let’s be realistic; money talks - people are wary of dental surgical procedures because they believe that it will be expensive. In the scheme of things, they are not. Besides which, if you are thinking long-term, we are talking cosmetic procedures that are permanent and will last a lifetime. The bottom line being it is one of the wisest and most significant investments you can make. I can also guarantee it will save your money in the long-run.

The Surgery Will Look Fake

There’s nothing like the real thing, except when it comes to teeth. Although people are concerned that implants and other procedures will look fake, rest assured they won’t. Dental implants now use translucent porcelain, and trust me, even the most professional and critical eye has a tough job distinguishing between what’s real and what’s not when looking at the dental work carried out by a true professional.

I am Not Prepared To Put In The Maintenance

After having surgical procedures such as implants, patients are often concerned that they will need to spend a lifetime carefully looking after and maintaining their new teeth. This isn’t really the case. Once the work is done, you can rest assured that your teeth will take care of themselves.

It Will Take Forever To Recover

We live in an age of instant gratification where people tend to forget that anything worth having is worth waiting. Dental procedures are no different. Yes, it can take up to six months for a dental implant root to bond with the bone, but for most patients, it’s well worth the wait. After all, what are a few months compared with a lifetime living with the discomfort of teeth you are not happy with when they could be straighter, whiter, and healthier in next to no time.