“Credit King” Ashton Henry Helps People Take Control of Their Lives through Financial Literacy

 (photo credit: ASHTON HENRY)
(photo credit: ASHTON HENRY)

Money is a very difficult thing to accumulate and it is also difficult to multiply. Understanding how money works is key, but we are rarely able to achieve this. People need to use money to make money – investments are quite important. Most people don’t understand this or are afraid to go through with it or try it. Financial literacy becomes important in these cases. And businesspeople willing to teach others are hard to come by. That’s why we have Ashton Henry, CEO of Ashton Henry Financial. Ashton is a businessman from Grenada who came to the United States later in his life, and today he owns multiple businesses in the country. In this article, he reflects on being known as the “Credit King”.

Ashton has been providing financial services to people who are in need of it ever since he understood the power of credit and financial literacy. “As long as people have jobs, the willingness to understand money just doesn’t show up in them. But if people understood how important financial literacy is and how useful and valuable it could be, they would easily go for it. That’s what I do. I teach them the power of credit,” he said. In fact, Ashton started his own business precisely because he didn’t want to waste time waiting for someone to recognize his potential. Today, he is a very big and well-known entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, but his main focus has been and will always be to help others increase their understanding of finance, and help them to take control of their lives with their credit. 

“Once you understand and control your finances, you can pretty much do whatever you want to in your life. You can empower yourself to truly take charge of your life,” said Ashton. This lesson that he preaches is what has led to him being labelled as the “Credit King”. His advice for people is to search for mentors who can educate them to achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if you can’t reach these mentors physically; you can learn from books, DVDs, online, etc. “Basically, just go for it. If you wait for others, you’ll wait for too long. Just get up and get it done right now,” said Ashton. 

For Ashton, the biggest hindrance to a business is the mindset of people. Part of his coaching through his company, Ashton Henry Financial, is focused solely on helping people to get the courage to achieve their dreams.