Diemond Star’s journey from humble start-up to global phenomenon

 (photo credit: DIEMOND STAR)
(photo credit: DIEMOND STAR)

A lot of people don’t realize that musicians have to be in good shape. Singing, dancing, and the constant movement of playing instruments requires some serious endurance. Drummers might be sitting down, but their upper bodies are going full throttle, especially the arms and wrists. Carpal tunnel is not something these performers want to deal with. This, and many other factors, is why Diemond Star exists.

Landon Hall founded this unique business in 2013. Based in Nashville (Music City), TN, Diemond Star has gone from casual roots to an industry superstar. The company was started as a community for drummers and to provide the most comfortable drumsticks on the market. Even the business name is a nod to its product as Diemond is spelled with an “e” instead of an “a.” This is because the impact shock “dies” as it travels through the drumstick thus providing greater comfort to a drummer.

If you step back and really look at this band member, they are putting on a show of their own. Drummers must reach for different lengths and heights, plus it doesn't hurt to have an array of showmanship. That is a lot of motion with most focus on the hands and wrists. Diemond Star was established with a core purpose of manufacturing shock-absorbing drumsticks for a comfortable grip and to reduce fatigue. Each set of drumsticks is pitch paired, weight matched, perfectly balanced, and offers unique specs for versatility.

By now, you are probably picking up that a drumstick is not as simple as it appears to be. As drummers are constantly moving, they need an accessory that fits in their hand, serves as an extension of their arm, and have the right dimensions for flipping, tossing, and twirling. While the 6A stick is the most popular size Diamond Star offers, 7A, 5A, 3A, 2B, and 5B are also available. Each drumstick offers extra length for greater reach and power plus is engineered for ideal balance.

Made of premium American hickory, well known for its shock absorbency, Diemond Star’s drumsticks are among the most versatile on the market and the fastest growing brand in the industry. Even the company's unique logo has multiple hidden designs in it. This is a major source of advertising for Diemond Star, the letter "D" in the company’s logo looks like an upside-down treble clef, another clever marketing tactic that falls directly in line with the product.

By offering a prestige product, this company is making a fast-growing name for itself in the drumming world. In fact, Diemond Star will be an exhibitor at this year’s Music City Drum Show in Nashville. If you aren’t familiar with this event, think of it as the Grammy’s for the drum world. It is comprised of vendors from all over the world showcasing the finest items in the industry for sale. Attendees include music students and hobbyists up to the world’s most famous drummers. Don’t be surprised if you see superstars like Travis Barker, Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, or Rufus Taylor browsing around for their next setup. 

This show also specializes in custom equipment, making it a perfect venue for Diemond Star’s specialized drumsticks. After all, reinventing an industry standard such as the 6A drumstick is an impressive fest. Landon and his team will be in their element among top tier suppliers selling hardware, accessories, cymbals, drums, and of course, drumsticks. After all, the core concept of this show is to match drummers up with an optimal solution.

Diemond Star is at the forefront of offering part of that solution. Their drumsticks set themselves apart, as they have just enough extra length for more reach, leverage, and overall power. What may seem like a small design change can make a world of difference to a drummer’s hands and wrists. With several different models available, there is a drumstick to match any genre of music and any budget. 

As this is a customer-focused brand, Diemond Star’s showroom is more than just a store but doubles as a gathering spot for the drumming community.  People can rely on each other for advice plus exchange information and ideas to ensure they get the best product for their needs. Landon and his staff welcome these “group sessions” as it is an invaluable opportunity to form a long-term relationship with their customers. It is also a basis for organic marketing and great social media posts, especially with loyal customers taking photos to post online.

Diemond Star is a full-service store as it also offers storage bags, stickers, autograph pens, lanyards, and promotional apparel like lanyards, hats, and T-shirts. As it has turned into a destination for musicians and enthusiasts, you might bump into some familiar faces while shopping here. In less than 8 years this business has gone from a small startup to one of the hottest names in the industry. And with social media endorsements from drummers showcasing Diemond Star products, this brand is getting rock star promotion that continues to amp up business.