Dota2 - a new trend in the gambling world

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Gaming and gaming are two things that go unnaturally well together – or, well, more so, gambling and gaming. While that was an uncommon pairing for a few years, the sudden rise of eSports and gaming has helped push betting on games to an all-time high.

A fortunate winner of that rise has been Dota 2. Part of the Defense of the Ancients series, inspired by a fan-made mod for the Warcraft III game, Dota 2 is a substantial multiplayer online arena game. If you're not too familiar with the game, then you've likely at least heard of it.

Nearly half-a-million people play the game at any given point globally, with upwards of 1.3 million people playing at once. So to call Dota 2 a successful match would be an understatement. Over 1.7 million people have left a review on Valve's Steam gaming platform, and the free-to-play battle game continues to grow with new expansions and content.

However, that growth, yet again, has gone hand in hand with the rise of eSports and the betting money flowing into the market as a whole. Dota 2 tournaments and betting sites for Dota 2 gather upwards of $35 million in bets and prize money, which continues to grow. As a result, more people, probably like you, have been drawn into an action game with a heavy community.

Finding a decent betting platform with a great eSports betting selection is a little tricky. Even more specifically, it's hard to find the best Dota 2 betting sites and Dota 2 bookmakers, as there are so many to pick from, with not every eSports site having Dota 2 bet on, and vice versa. So, let's get into our top Dota 2 betting sites and see which betting sites offer Dota 2 odds.

How to Bet on Dota 2 and What is Dota 2 Betting?

Dota 2, as a massive online arena game, has more than a few attributes you can bet on. While the basics apply to every sport, such as the total bet, money line, over/under, and more, there are many game-specific options. Additionally, as the game revolves around winning, there are simple options, such as betting on the winner. Still, many other mechanics and opportunities push Dota 2 and the Dota 2 sports betting sites into a more complicated category.

For some context, here are some of the betting opportunities you'll have while on sites like the ones below, alongside a brief explanation for what you're betting on:

  • Match Winner | the winner of the overall match or event
  • Winner, Map # | the winner of a specific map or part of the event
  • Handicap, Map # | options used to even the betting opportunities between mismatched teams
  • Total or Over/Under | betting on the point score or overall number put up by both teams
  • Total Even/Odd | betting on whether the total count will be even or odd by the end of a map
  • First Blood, Map # | who gets the first kill or blood on a specific map
  • 1st Tower, Map # | the team that captures the first tower on a map
  • Godlike, Map # | betting on which map you believe will have the first godlike rating
  • Take First 10 Kills, Map # | the team that gets ten kills first
  • First to Kill __ | bets placed on the team or player that's likely to get the first specific kill
  • Correct Score | bets on the final score or number of maps won by each team
  • Total Maps | the number of maps (over/under) expected in the entire game

Dota 2 is a simple game in concept, focusing on capturing or killing the enemy team or its property before the same happens to you, although things can become quite picky when pointed out. There are dozens of betting opportunities and options for a game with a simple ending. You can bet on the winner, who gets what first, who does what, how long matches take, and much more.

It helps to know Dota 2 beforehand, although starting Dota 2 sports betting is not necessary. Most of the sites below are self-explanatory once you make your way to their sportsbook and associated eSports options, although it depends on the site. Nonetheless, you'll find yourself betting on one of the opportunities above most of the time. As the Dota 2 match goes on and ends, you'll either find yourself with the ability to bet live on some platforms or find the concluding bets once the game ends.

Some of these matches go on for a little longer than others. Dota 2 is a first to X maps to win the game, meaning it might drag out as teams fight back and forth for a lead and eventual winning spot. Still, that should be it! Again, Dota 2 bookies have a lot behind them, but there's not too much to worry about once it gets started. So, let's get into our top Dota 2 betting sites. 

What is the Best Gambling Site for Dota 2 and Where to Bet on Dota 2?

Where to gamble on Dota 2? Honestly, the answer depends. The best betting site for Dota 2 combines hundreds of games with simple controls, a well-made layout, and an overall great experience. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a match between quantity and quality regarding betting. However, it is still possible, as long as you look for platforms that hold your hand until you can make it off on your own.

Fortunately, those include the non GamStop casino sites. They should be used as a stepping stone to finding the right platform for you. 

On top of that, it should help you find what you need. Some sites that offer Dota 2 betting focus primarily on casino gameplay, while others are more concentrated on a sportsbook or other games. Finding betting sites for Dota 2 is the first step. Afterward, it all comes down to what makes you feel like you're getting the opportunities you need before betting on Dota 2.

After all, some of these sites offer hundreds of games with dozens of betting options per match, while others provide just the soonest upcoming game, with a few options to choose from. If you're an advanced bettor or know the intricacies and betting in Dota 2, then it might be worth spending that extra time or effort to find a site with hundreds of games and dozens of options, like BetFlip.

If you could do without all the extras and want the opportunity to bet on a game here or there, then could be a better option. It all depends on what you're looking for and what you're willing to deal with. Needing a lot of games and options means that a site without all those might not be the best choice. If you want casino games and a sportsbook atop Dota 2 betting, then an all-minigame option could be a mistake.

The best betting site for Dota 2, then, is one that fits what you need, what you have in mind, and what you're willing to deal with. A combination of quality, quantity, and variety would make up the best overall Dota 2 bet site. Still, it might not be the best for you without a bit of research and decision-making beforehand. If you can answer yes to "can I bet on Dota 2?" and "does this work for me?" then you're probably good to go.

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