Entain’s NFTs Debut Hopes to Educate Public on Responsible Gambling

How can NFTs and responsible gambling complement each other? Read on to understand how this works and how Entain has made this happen with its latest venture.

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

Entain Foundation US recently launched NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that promote the idea of responsible gambling in the metaverse. The foundation is known for actively advocating for responsible gambling, sports integrity, and gambling regulation research and education.

By launching these NFTs, Entain brings focus to nine areas of concern around problem gambling. These include spend vs. norm, increased play over time, deposit days, failed deposits, multiple payment methods, use of credit cards, canceled withdrawals, late-night play, and frequency of play. 

Far from a novice practice, responsible gambling has been something every trustworthy online casino promotes, because it’s part and parcel of being listed as a reputable operator. In fact, the Editor in Chief at NoDepositKings, Courtney Gilmore, confirms this, emphasizing that “the type of content advertised on casino sites is of utmost importance, because it affects both the decision making process of customers in general, but also sets the stage for gambling behavior”.

In the hopes of educating the public on the importance of responsible gambling, Entain has decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of NFTs to the Charles Oakley Foundation.

How to purchase these NFTs?

You can buy these NFTs from OpenSea, which is one of the largest NFT marketplaces.

Some of the NFTs feature striking visuals such as a series of calendars to represent players who have had a high number of depositing days or blinking eyes to depict late-night play. Incorporating such imagery helps put across a strong message against gambling addiction along with making people aware of the nine markers of an untreated and growing gambling addiction.

These designs were created in partnership with Enlighting Media, which is a professional web design and development multimedia company. The NFTs feature 2D images as well as GIFs.

Initiatives to Promote Safe Gambling

The visuals for the NFTs also correspond with “Gamble Responsibly America”, which is Entain Foundation’s free responsible gambling app. It assists in assessing one’s gambling habits along with offering information about potential gambling risks and regulatory tools that one can use to modulate one’s habits. 

Entain Foundation US’ preventive approach to safe gambling has been supported by many. Martin Lycka, Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling for Entain and Trustee for Entain Foundation US, appreciated Entain’s education and awareness-based approach to encouraging responsible gambling.  

The primary mission of this foundation is to undertake social responsibility initiatives with a special focus on American issues. Entain also recently acquired BetCity for an initial consideration of $312.9m. All the donations it collects are distributed to non-profit organizations that support similar causes. 

Lycka also emphasized the goal of Entail, which is to attract attention to matters of responsible gambling in ways that are suited to the modern-day world that is pervaded by social media and cutting-edge technology.

The foundation has been recognized by GamCare as well for the efforts it has put in so far to spread awareness regarding the mental and financial toll a gambling addiction takes on an individual. Entail received GamCare’s Advanced Safer Gambling Standard in May 2022 with an Advanced Level 3 Standard for its effective online campaigns and activities.

Charles Oakley Foundation

All the profits earned from the sale of these NFTs will be donated to the Charles Oakley Foundation, which was founded by the former New York Knicks forward Charles Oakley. His nonprofit organization works with communities for causes like world hunger and poverty, and in general, provides help to the less fortunate.

Now that the Charles Oakley Foundation has gained support from the Entain Foundation US, Oakley can finally work towards his initiative to include education in responsible gambling by introducing anti-addiction programs. This program is scheduled to gain momentum next year with its operations being planned in US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Buffalo. 

As sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in America, Amani Toomer, another former football player for the New York Giants of the NFL has also been spreading the word. Promoting the importance of responsible gambling he is also a trustee for the Entain Foundation US. 

This article was written in ccooperation with NoDepositKings