Eymi Bechor-Bouni: ‘My profession is my mission’

 (photo credit: INBAL MARMARI)
(photo credit: INBAL MARMARI)

Eymi Bechor-Bouni has been a lawyer for more than 20 years. She became a member of the Israel Bar Association in 2000. Upon receiving her certification, she established the Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm, which specializes in divorce proceedings, wills, and inheritances.

“When I set up the firm, I wanted to be a pioneer in creating a different perception about the divorce process. I wanted to provide professional legal service at the highest level but not to compromise on values, humanity, and understanding. Divorce is a major life crisis, and I wanted to enable my clients to manage the crisis in the best and most appropriate way,” she explains.

Over the years, she has handled many complex cases in all areas of personal status in the family courts and the rabbinical courts and has helped thousands of families and divorcees reach their goal in the most professional and effective way. Some of her cases involve companies, international divorce, multiple assets, estates and family disputes.

“My office staff is made up entirely of experienced women. We provide every client with a very high standard of service, and we constantly update ourselves in all areas of law in Israel and around the world, with an emphasis on family law,” she says

“Divorce is a traumatic event. As with any dramatic change in life, if you don’t act correctly and wisely, it will be a painful experience that will leave a scar. But like any crisis, it is a challenge. And we grow from challenges,” she asserts.

“It is important for me to convey empowering messages to our clients. That is why I am not satisfied with advocacy alone. I am also a mediator and personal coach. That way, we can provide our clients with comprehensive holistic treatment in all aspects of their personal struggle,” she says. “The divorce process is difficult and painful, but it can be turned into a training process so that in the end, beyond the legal success, the client comes out with tools to go on with life and have a clear road map for a better future.”

Bechor-Bouni offers her clients a tailor-made process. “Each client receives something different, an approach that is appropriate to his/her needs and true to his/her life and the specific point that he/she is at,” she says.

“In a divorce situation, the crisis affects not only the couple but everyone around them as well – the children, of course, and the extended family and friends. My specialty is determining what the right strategy is for each case,” she stresses. 

In addition to setting the strategy, Bechor-Bouni litigates in court. “That is the part I love the most – the performance in court. That’s where my creativity, knowledge, and innovation are expressed,” she asserts.

She is especially excited when she resolves family issues – emotional, mental, and financial – or complex cases that involve division of options or liquidation of family companies. 

“Sometimes I do research in areas that are not family law so I can find the proper economic solution. Handling divorce cases, wills, and family law in general requires an understanding in many areas such as economic issues -- taxation, real estate -- cases that involve selling property or working with other countries,” she explains.

“We had a large divorce case in conjunction with France, which required us to cooperate with a law firm there. In Israel, property matters are adjudicated according to where the marriage took place. If the couple was married in France, the division of property will be under French law in the Israeli court. It is our job to tell the Israeli court what would have occurred if the case had been brought before a French judge, so that the Israeli magistrate can rule in accordance with French law,” she recounts. 

“We also collaborate regularly with an office in New York,” she says, “In many inheritance cases related to the United States, the deceased has property in Israel, as well as the US. The deceased may have lived in Israel or part of the time in the US, so it is necessary to find a way to follow the law in both Israel and the US but to avoid paying double taxes,” she says.

“Managing a large estate where some of the heirs are in Israel and the others live abroad is more complicated. In such cases, we must work in accordance with the law in Israel and elsewhere. When necessary, we combine experts in taxation in Israel and abroad in dealing with issues such as wills, contesting a will, and continuing power of attorney.” she elaborates.

With 20 years of advocacy under her belt and thousands of satisfied clients, Bechor-Bouni enjoys going to work every day. 

“I love my profession. It doesn’t feel like work – I feel that I am fulfilling my mission. After completing my studies and specialization in the field, I was able to be much more precise about my goals and how to achieve them. My great satisfaction is derived from moving my clients past a major crisis in their lives and helping them chart an exit strategy from the maze and leading them to a state of stability and relaxation, where they are wiser and more empowered,” she says.

“Beyond the legal aspect, I deal a lot with family puzzles by showing them how things will look. I get excited when I succeed in moving a family or an individual forward and am a partner in that life-changing process. My goal is to show them that things can be different and so much better,” she says.