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Ron and Maya sat in a traffic jam, their old Fiat huffing and puffing on its way back to Tel Aviv from their first romantic weekend in northern Israel.

 (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)
Ron and Maya sat in a traffic jam, their old Fiat huffing and puffing on its way back to Tel Aviv from their first romantic weekend in northern Israel. Although they were peaceful as could be, commuters around them were irritated. The mid-August heat stretched everyone’s nerves. Suddenly, Ron who was sitting in the driver’s seat, pulled up the hand break, opened the door and sprinted away, towards a field of sunflowers that stretched alongside the highway. He emerged a minute later with a sunflower in his hand, bowed towards Maya and handed her the flower. The drivers around them, who had just begun to honk impatiently, broke out in laughter.


Fast forward five years, Maya and Ron are still together. But like many modern couples they are maintaining a globetrotting, long-distance relationship. Ron works for an Israeli high-tech company in Tel Aviv; Maya studies design in New York. Every year Ron marks their anniversary by sending Maya a bouquet of sunflowers. He logs into his Floraqueen account (yes, he joined the FloraClub), selects the “Warm Sunshine: Sunflowers” bouquet, enters Maya’s New York address, and it’s done! The next day Maya receives the bouquet, and with it, the sweet memory of their first summer getaway.


Like Ron, millions of customers around the world have already discovered Floraqueen’s beautiful flower arrangements and efficient service. With a reliable international flower service, we deliver flowers to more than 100 countries around the world. Our services are not only wide-scoping, there are also incredibly fast. Floraqueen offers next-day and same-day deliveries, in case your bouquet is a last-minute gift. Floraqueen takes pride in its ability to offer high quality and variety: we work with expert florists all over the world and offer a broad selection of flower arrangements that will fit every occasion. Whether you want to share the good vibes, such as expressing your gratitude, love, or congratulations, or if you wish to brighten up life’s unfortunate events, by expressing your regret or condolences – Floraqueen has your back.

Send flowers to Israel

in 2007, the cyclamen persicum (“rakkefet” in Hebrew) was elected as Israel’s national flower. Flower bouquets and arrangements are very popular in Israel. They are consumed around life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, births and funerals, and around holidays like the Sabbath, Rosh Hashana, and Passover. Make your loved ones in Israel feel special with a fresh bouquet of flowers, prepared by our top-notch Israeli florists.


Send flowers to The United States

In 1986, the Rose was declared as the national flower of the United States. President Ronald Reagan celebrated this proclamation in a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden. Share the love with your American family and friends with Floraqueens rose bouquets! We offer a large variety of colors, designs and sizes. Americans are leaders in the global consumption of flowers, and they mark many events, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day with the exchange of roses and other flowers. With Florqueen you can easily send flowers to any of the USA’s 50 states.