Guide to choosing the best auto transport service

  (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

Cars help you get from Point A to Point B. But what if you need to ship a car across the country? Several car-specific factors may affect car shipping costs. Therefore, whether you are a dealership, a company, or an individual moving cross-border, you must coordinate with a reliable auto transport service. Initially, it may seem challenging to arrange the shipping of one or an entire fleet long distance. However, you can easily find an auto transport company that can do the right job within an affordable range and take the stress out of the task. Start the process of choosing the best auto transport company with these steps:

Open or Enclosed Car Shipping

Most car shipping companies offer two transportation options: open or enclosed trailers. Since most car models are safe for transit on an open trailer, this is generally the most common choice. A good quality car transportation company should offer reasonable rates for this option. The open-car shipping option is less expensive because the trailers are lighter than the enclosed options. Open trailer shipping will best work for you if you want to ship a standard car.

But sometimes enclosed car shipping is essential. Enclosed trailers ensure your vehicle remains safe from roadway debris and harsh weather conditions. Enclosed trailer transportation is the best option for shipping expensive cars. Other examples of vehicles that may require enclosed trailers are:

  • Vintage cars
  • Sports car
  • Classic cars
  • Race cars

The best auto transport company has expert professionals who can guide you and help you determine the right option. The company will have an expertly trained logistics team to pair you with the right trailer and driver based on your requirements. The company will also work within time and budget constraints for a quality auto shipping experience.

Know Your Budget

Research and consider the maximum amount you can spend for the auto shipment. Try calling around and determining which auto transport company has the best rates for your car shipping requirements. Ensure the company has some of the best logistic agents to help you find the best price to suit your budget.

Car shipping prices per mile may vary based on total mileage. The average rate per mile to ship a vehicle with an auto transport company ranges between $0.58 and $2.00 per mile for long-distance moves above 1, 500 miles. Enclosed carriers offer more security and protection than open carriers. But this service is available at a 40% higher cost than the cost of an open carrier.

Be cautious of car transport companies that offer extremely affordable rates. Factor in things like distance, gas, and weight into the price. Do proper research if a few businesses offer the same rates and one offers something well below. Of course, you want the best price but not at the cost of the best services.

Check Insurance Coverage

Insurance is one of the most significant aspects of shipping a car. Consider it a red flag if your chosen car shipping company does not have or provide evidence of insurance. Make sure your auto transport is as safe as possible. In case of unforeseen events during car transportation, your chosen company should offer coverage. Going for an uninsured company means you must pay for the damages yourself. And that is probably something you would not like to do. Go for a car shipping company with proper bonding, insurance, and licensing. This will give you a safe and secure car shipping experience regardless of what happens during the transportation.

Go Through Reviews Carefully

Reviews can help you choose the right auto transport company. Do not just visit the company website but even its social media profiles. This will give you an insight into the company's regular business procedures and operations. You can also go through third-party review sites to better understand the company and its client interactions. The reviews will also help you understand what to expect should any challenges arise.

Consider Other Important Things to Look For in a Car Shipping Company

Remember, every car shipping company sells the same general service. Therefore, you must always gain an in-depth understanding of the brand. Focus on quality instead of quantity. You get what you pay for; therefore, go for companies that offer quality at a price you can easily afford.

Narrow down your choice by selecting companies that offer the services you require. This may include door-to-door service, enclosed car shipping, or open auto transport. Above everything else, make sure the company is reliable and credible. Visit the company website and dig deeper to uncover the points that make it a worthy choice.

The Bottom Line

Looking for an auto transport company can be challenging and stressful, but only if you do not know what to look for. Always focus on your requirements and understand what the company has to offer. Once the initial screening is complete, start requesting quotes, consult the representatives, and ask many questions. After you have spent several hours requesting quotes, reviewing sites, and speaking with representatives, you will likely make the right decision.

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