How CFOs are living in Israel and working in London

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The pandemic and ‘great resignation’ changed the world of work forever. Gone are the days when commuting into the city was a universally accepted part of working in finance. The world’s financial districts have got a little quieter since 2020 – and not because of an economic slowdown. 

The remote working revolution is more financial professionals more efficient by allowing them to work from anywhere. 60% of London workers are now enjoying the benefits of hybrid working with many transitioning to full-time remote positions. It’s a flexibility that allows CFOs to live in Israel while working for London companies.

FD Capital, the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency, is experiencing a sharp rise in international candidates applying for positions with London companies. Flexible working is increasingly becoming the standard, enabling CFOs in Israel to broaden their recruitment opportunities and apply for positions with UK firms.

Can CFOs in Israel Work Remotely?

The role of CFO has evolved beyond financial management to become a ‘Chief Future Officer’. CFOs are largely able to work remotely if their company has adopted a hybrid or fully remote office set-up.

Working remotely as a CFO can pose challenges, particularly around building relationships and maintaining communication. Most CFOs who work remotely from Israel can expect to occasionally travel to London for work. Circumstances such as fundraising may call on you to attend in person.

Most of the day-to-day activities of a CFO can be managed online through video conferencing and cloud-sharing software. CFOs in Israel can work remotely for companies in London if they put the right plans in place

Adapting Your CV for Remote Working

The first step to working remotely as a CFO is to adapt your CV. You want to highlight a different set of skills that show you can work independently and manage a team remotely. Companies in London are actively recruiting remote CFOs as they seek ways to reduce overheads and expand their organization globally.

Start by adapting your CV to highlight your expertise and flexibility. Remote working positions are becoming more competitive as financial professionals are seeking more flexible working opportunities. Most London companies will choose to work with a professional recruitment agency when recruiting remotely to widen the available talent pool.

Signing up with a recruitment agency will give you access to professional advice on tailoring your CV for remote working. These recruiters are aware of what London companies are looking for and can improve your chances of a successful application.

Companies want to ensure they’ve recruited the best candidate for remote positions. You should be able to build a trusting relationship with the CEO and their colleagues while acting as a self-starter and integrating yourself into the company culture.

Identify any potential gaps in your CV by sharing it with friends or working with a recruitment coach. Tailor your CV to highlight your expertise and what you can bring to a company through a remote position. 

How to Work Remotely in Israel

Working remotely from Israel requires pre-planning. You need to have the right set-up and be prepared for the changes that come with working remotely for an international company. 

You’ll be expected to work during traditional London office hours. Israel is two hours ahead of London’s time zone, making it an easy change to adapt to, but one to be aware of.

CFOs can live in Israel and work for London companies by investing in their remote working set-up. You’ll need a dedicated working space and the right technology in place to enable seamless hybrid working. Your company may provide you with the tech you need or expect you to fit out your office independently. 

Remote working CFOs in Israel will need a computer that will facilitate video calls with a high-quality camera and audio set-up. You may choose to add a microphone or headset to facilitate conference calls and invest in a reliable internet service. 

Consider your lifestyle needs when establishing your remote working office, including whether you need a travel kit. Establishing a ‘tech stack’ with productivity apps and cloud-based software is necessary to facilitate an easy workflow with your colleagues.

How to Get Hired by a London Company from Israel

Getting hired by a London company is a different process than domestic recruitment. It can feel like finding a needle in a haystack if you’re navigating the process by yourself. Most CFOs in Israel will choose to sign-up with a recruitment agency to identify potential opportunities and streamline the process. 

It’s best to commit to working with an agency that has experience with international candidates or that specialises in remote recruitment. FD Capital is a specialist agency that works with candidates across the world to connect them with London companies. An agency like this will have access to recruitment opportunities before being widely circulated.

Remote working positions are becoming increasingly competitive, particularly in the post-pandemic environment. It can be difficult to navigate the employment market of a country you’re not familiar with, including understanding aspects like salary expectations and experience. A recruitment agency will give you an insider’s point of view into the London job market. 

Can You Live in Israel and Work in London?

It’s possible to live in Israel and work in London as a CFO. The remote working revolution means CFOs have broader horizons than ever before. Before applying to work in London, you’ll need to determine whether it’s the right solution for you. 

Remote working requires self-discipline and being a self-starter. Use your CV to highlight your project management skills to show your ability to fulfil the role of CFO independently from home. Kickstart your journey as a remote CFO by establishing a work schedule based around your most productive hours, considering the typical London working hours. 

CFOs are living in Israel and working in London – all through the power of the internet. You can broaden your portfolio and expand your career by exploring remote working opportunities with London companies. Get started by signing up with a London-based recruitment agency, like FD Capital, to start your journey to becoming a remote CFO.

This article was written in cooperation with FD Capital