How do people access casino games legally from muslim countries?

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Every day, the number of people who express an interest in gambling grows exponentially. There has been a shift in policy toward the business in several nations as a means of reducing the prevalence of gambling and protecting against financial losses.

It's fair to wonder whether the Arab nations have a chance of following the trend of recent years, which has seen the introduction of several new legal frameworks for casino gaming & sports betting.

State Of The Art Betting Laws In Arab Nations

According to unibet, religion dictates a strict prohibition on gambling among Arab peoples, in contrast to the contemporary situation elsewhere. Religious ideas had a role in the establishment of these rules, therefore the ban goes beyond a simple rejection of gambling as a morally questionable activity. The Quran calls gambling and other games of chance "abominations of Satan's creation" and calls them severe sins.

Reforming the law to prohibit something is difficult when it is widely held to be haram. Consequently, there will undoubtedly be legal ramifications for casual gaming.

Is There Anything That Suggests A Shift Is Coming?

Currently, casino gambling is legal in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, & Lebanon in an effort to boost tourism in those nations. It's no surprise, then, that residents with dual citizenship also frequent these businesses, since gambling is legal in both countries.


If you're a resident of Lebanon, you may legally bet at the Casino du Liban.

People may still get access to internet casinos & sports betting sites, but only under certain scenarios. Gambling is legal in the nation, but only the illegal kinds. Therefore, any kind of gambling may be made available to residents so long as the state regulates it.


Many forms of gambling were decriminalized in Morocco until 1930. It is unusual for a Muslim country to let its citizens and visitors to indulge in such practices.

Despite the law, citizens may still sign up for offshore sites and gamble at internet casinos. Due to the complexity of the law, this issue is still up for discussion. As a result, it's unclear whether or not it's legal in Morocco to gamble online, despite the widespread practice. However, with a few exceptions, betting on sports through the internet is generally recognized as legitimate.


Egypt isn't as hopeful, but it's still better than other Arab nations. On-premises wagering is sanctioned under certain parameters, but online betting is prohibited.

More than twenty land-based casinos are located inside the borders of the nation, but only visitors are allowed inside. Since these businesses exist only to cater to visitors, engaging in such behavior is still against the law in their eyes.


Much like in Egypt, locals are prohibited from participating in most forms of gambling while visitors are not troubled by this.

To be more precise, a foreign passport is required to enter casinos in Tunisia. To facilitate this, all in-game purchases must be made using a foreign currency. Tunisian legislation does not explicitly outlaw internet gambling establishments, in contrast to Egyptian law. Given the absence of oversight, many locals have signed up for accounts with offshore gambling websites.

Do Arab Gamblers Not Have Any Other Options?

Specifically, they are breaking the law. In some Muslim nations, gambling is illegal outright, hence most Arab gamblers opt to operate illegally by wagering at offshore internet casinos.

However, it still occurs in countries where internet gambling is prohibited. Gaming on foreign sites presents a legal classification challenge, particularly when considering international law, since it may be subject to the laws of many different countries.

Careful gamblers, though, don't sign up with the first online casino they come across:

  • There are a number of places you may go to discover a list of reputable online casinos that provide gaming services.
  • Before endorsing a platform, these organizations conduct in-depth reviews covering the most important facets of an online casino.
  • The quality of the program, the security of the payment system, the precision of the game, the speed with which it loads, etc.
  • Although no central gaming authority has been set up in any Arab state, a number of international gambling jurisdictions have earned a solid reputation. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is one such organization.
  • Your money and personal information will be protected at the casino as long as they have a valid license.
This article was written in cooperation with Jake Simons