How Entrepreneur Dianna Hughes is building brands by leveraging the power of digital

This young entrepreneur is all about her grit, passion and commitment to turn her clients successful with her work

 (photo credit: DIANNA HUGHES)
(photo credit: DIANNA HUGHES)
 It is very surreal to know more about individuals who make a unique name for themselves in their areas of interest, putting in all of their efforts and working hard day and night to get nearer their goals in career and life. All these individuals leave no stone unturned in making the most of the opportunities that come their way and also create newer opportunities for themselves in their respective fields to reach the top of the game. Dianna Hughes, aka Dee, is all about this and much more. She was born in 1990 in Miami, Florida and since a very early age aimed to do and ace all those things that were different, which always excited and attracted her.
All started for this young entrepreneur with blogging and utilizing the digital mediums to the maximum after realizing the real power of the same. Her blogging helped her turn into becoming an influencer and all this upped her confidence to turn it all into one cohesive business. Dianna Hughes, who is known as Dee in the business world is today a rising content creator, brand strategist and a full-time entrepreneur, who has been creating ways for brands to get their message across, making the process look very natural and help them get nearer their business goals.
Being an influencer herself, Dianna Hughes realized that she had a backend experience on what brands needed to know. Her passion and strong self-belief have helped her become one of the leading brand strategists and marketing consultants, primarily for fashion and beauty companies. Today, she is an influencer and entrepreneur who runs her creative agency, working for multiple projects from beauty, fashion to wine and sprints.
Dianna Hughes says that since her passion lied in fashion and beauty, she thought of venturing into the same so that she doesn't feel like working and the process becomes more effortless for her as an entrepreneur. She is proud that she took the plunge in the entrepreneurial world when social media started flourishing. This encouraged her to dive into the same and help brands and clients in the fashion and beauty niche to expand their reach, presence and their brand name across mediums through her astute skills and talent as a professional in the field.
Advising other rising entrepreneurs, Dianna Hughes says that individuals will face obstacles and challenges along their way, but they must keep moving forward and never quit as all that grinding and hard work will be all worth it in the end. To know more about her, follow her on Instagram @followdee.