How Runway Influence Helps Brands Gain Over 200k Organic Followers in Just a Few Months

 (photo credit: RUNWAY INFLUENCE)
(photo credit: RUNWAY INFLUENCE)

Social media has proved to be an effective tool for brand expansion. By marketing products to create a long-lasting impression, social media platforms have given it all to the brands. However, this wide-scale reach and development is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and planning. This is where Runway Influence is setting the social media world on fire. 

Runway Influence is a digital marketing agency working with several renowned brands to help them connect to their target customers. Recently, the agency collaborated with one brand to help the brand widen its reach and generate more sales. Employing some brilliant marketing strategies, Runway Influence has helped the brand develop as a renowned brand on social media. Within a few months, the brand’s Instagram account, has reached more than 200,000 followers. That number is growing every month.

Runway Influence assigned top influencers like Sara Sampaio and Alessandra Ambrosio to endorse the brand on social media. Influencer marketing has a wider reach compared to paid ads because the credibility factor plays a role. Consumers find it safer to purchase products recommended by influencers they follow and trust. The brand soon builds a relationship with the consumers through the influencer. Paid ads are forced visuals from an unknown brand page sponsored by social media. Customers don’t feel very connected to these ads on media channels. 

In fact, influencer endorsement is more cost-effective than paid ads. Comparing the cost and reach of one influencer endorsement with one paid ad on a marketing channel will show a stark difference. This is where Runway Influence creates wins for brands. The agency works with thousands of top influencers, and gets the most prominent and most relevant ones to promote certain brands. As a result, the brands get explosive awareness. 

Runway influence uses the brand’s message to create stunning visual content that engages the customers instantly. The brand value that is developed through this kind of promotion lives longer than the marketing campaign. The agency has already worked with some of the top global brands like Adidas, TikTok, Wild Fox, and McLaren. Runway Influence helps to magnify the brand's message to help it reach more and more customers. 

Runway influence offers a host of marketing services like brand building, talent integration, influencer campaign, project management, content development, brand activations, influencer product collaborations, and ambassador network. Their clientele includes high-end brands, products, luxury venues, top destinations and more. The agency has a dedicated team to help its clients with smart marketing techniques. Runway Influence can help brands reach more than 100,000 followers every month. This kind of growth can create explosive brand awareness in no time.

Brand development and marketing have evolved over time. People are no longer interested in sponsored ads. A verified source like an influencer can create more interest and engagement with customers than advertisements. This is how Runway Influence is helping brands go from zero to fame in a matter of months.