How Social Reign Uses Instagram Growth to Position Clients for Success

 (photo credit: SOCIAL REIGN)
(photo credit: SOCIAL REIGN)

As the rise of the digital age continues to dictate the economy, with social media and ecommerce combining forces to reach consumers, the use of Instagram has transformed immeasurably over the last few years. Today, Instagram is a recognized powerhouse of resources for brands and businesses. As the new go-to way for consumers to engage and communicate with their favourite brands, many businesses have sought new methods to guarantee social media growth. As Instagram has become the measuring stick for many brands and businesses value and worth, one’s following on the social media platform has also become an important priority. 

U.K. based company Social Reign has perfected the art of growing organic social growth and with their business model, they have managed to help countless clients amass thousands of new, authentic followers. Through a giveaway system, the social growth company organizes a slew of designer goods from brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and more, and pairs the goods with a vacation package that includes paid accommodations at a luxury brand hotel. Social Reign then calls on an elite group of selected Instagram influencers and celebrities to promote the giveaways on their own accounts. 

With more than a million followers each, these influencers guarantee massive exposure for Social Reign clients. Instagram users simply have to follow a number of accounts as promoted in order to enter to win the giveaway prizes. This model has been successful so many times that Social Reign clients have yielded up to 60,000 new followers over one giveaway. And with clients gaining real and relevant followers through the giveaway, Social Reign is able to guarantee a minimum of 20,000 new followers for clients. Unlike other social growth solutions, Social Reign’s followers are real and authentic followers—no bots, no fake accounts. 

“The surprise comes when they see their engagement rates exceed their expectations in the post giveaway period which transfers into increased web traffic and subsequent sales, says Social Reign’s Commercial Director, Daniel Le-Cheminant. “Some of our sponsoring companies have seen Social media generated sales leads increase by 120% following one of our campaigns which is why they continue to partner with us each month. We're building some great relationships with a loyal client base and we thrive on consistently exceeding their expectations.” 

While they’re known for their work across the United Kingdom, Social Reign has recently expanded their services into the United Arab Emirates. In addition, they have plans to roll out in the United States later in the year as well. Though by trade, the company specializes in advancing social growth, at its core, Social Reign’s priority is in positioning their clients for success beyond their Instagram growth.