How to Buy YouTube Subscribers: 3 Best Sites Reviewed

Learn how to buy YouTube subscribers that are as safe and effective as the real thing, and choose a reliable social media growth company.

  (photo credit: Kudometrics)
(photo credit: Kudometrics)

Buying YouTube subscribers can be the quickest and easiest way to grow your channel. Your subscriber count sends an instant and highly influential message about the quality of your YouTube videos. But what about tracking down the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers that are as good as the real thing? 

Competition on YouTube is ferocious and growing all the time. Incredibly, more than 60% of the entire consumer population worldwide uses YouTube. This equates to around 2.6 billion active users, all tuning in on a regular basis in search of quality video content.

If you’re serious about running a successful YouTube channel, you need all the subscribers you can get. The size of your audience tells other users whether you’re legit and worth checking out. The more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to be taken seriously.

Buying subscribers can be the ultimate social media marketing tactic, but only if the followers you buy are real. Spam followers from fake accounts must be avoided at all costs, or you run the risk of having your channel shut down.

Is it Safe and Legal to Buy YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel?

The short answer is yes, on the condition that you buy genuine subscribers that are identical to the real thing. Purchasing subscribers that are active and authentic members of the YouTube community does not breach any of the platform’s terms and conditions.

This is where the importance of a tried, tested, and trusted seller comes into play. Each of the providers summarised below guarantees active subscribers of the highest quality and has earned the backing of thousands of satisfied customers.

What Are the Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

First things first - a few best practice guidelines for setting yourself up with a reliable social media growth company. Particularly when shopping for high-quality subscribers for your YouTube channels, it is essential to prioritize the following:

  • Product and Package Authenticity: A provider must be able to guarantee nothing but 100% real YouTube subscribers, which are identical to the real thing. Otherwise, they are not worth buying at any price.
  • Safety and Security: Customer safety, security, and discretion should be top priorities for any reputable social media growth company. Always check their privacy policy before buying. 
  • Verified Customer Reviews: Customer reviews and recommendations will tell you all you need to know about the capabilities and professionalism of a seller. If they’ve built a solid reputation, they’re probably a safe bet. 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: A refund guarantee ensures your money is safe irrespective of the outcome and is also an important show of confidence on the part of a provider.
  • Strong Customer Support: An experienced and friendly team of helpful social media growth specialists could prove instrumental in supporting your YouTube journey going forwards.

Having evaluated dozens of YouTube growth companies based on the criteria above, the following three brands came out on top: 

1. Media Mister

Credit: Media MisterCredit: Media Mister

First up, Media Mister has been offering the web’s broadest range of promotional packages for major social media platforms for more than a decade. By far the safest place to buy YouTube subscribers, they exclusively deliver subscribers from active and authentic accounts with real human owners. 

All purchases are covered by a full money-back guarantee, and Media Mister’s customer support contingency is about as good as it gets. There’s also a 60-day retention warranty on all orders, covering against potential losses during the first eight weeks.

2. GetAFollower

Credit: GetAFollowerCredit: GetAFollower

One of the most dynamic YouTube growth companies on the web, GetAFollower likewise guarantees 100% real YouTube subscribers. They offer a broad range of promotional products and packages for YouTube, including country-targeted subscribers from a long list of major international markets.

You can even buy NFT YouTube subscribers at GetAFollower to support your NFT projects, along with a whole bunch of other niche products. Overall, a great place to head if looking to target a specific audience with pinpoint precision without having to worry about being handed a bunch of spam. 

3. Buy Real Media

Credit: Buy Real MediaCredit: Buy Real Media

Last up, Buy Real Media is probably the best place to buy normal YouTube subscribers on the web. They keep things simple and extremely affordable, with an iron-clad guarantee of high-quality subscribers that are as good as organic subscribers. Either they get the job done as promised, or you get your money back, so there’s really no risk involved.

Buy Real Media also has a huge range of promotional products available for every other major social network on the web. A great all-around performer with an established reputation and a solid track record.

Does Buying YouTube Subscribers Work? 

Yes – buying YouTube subscribers can pave the way for a broad range of benefits. It makes you look more popular, simplifying the process of getting even more new subscribers on board. It can also help you influence the YouTube algorithm for a major visibility boost.

However, this only applies when the subscribers you buy are identical to organic YouTube subscribers. Any fakes in the mix could lead to the suspension (or permanent closure) of your channel.

Why Does Subscriber Quality Matter?

The quality of the subscribers you buy matters for the simple reason that YouTube can (and will) detect fake subscribers. At this point, it could be curtains for your YouTube channel.

More specifically, the importance of YouTube subscriber quality lies in the following:

To Compete with the YouTube Algorithm

If you want to influence the YouTube algorithm, you need as many real and active subscribers as you can get. Authentic subscribers send a strong message about your popularity and appeal, making it far more likely you’ll be promoted by YouTube. 

To Avoid Being Banned

To add even a single fake subscriber to your channel is to risk being suspended (or banned). YouTube is engineered to automatically detect spam subscribers, which could do your performance and reputation more harm than good.

To Stay with You Long-Term 

There’s really no point buying subscribers that disappear almost as soon as they are added to your channel. The only subscribers worth buying are those that stick around long-term – i.e., real and active (high retention) YouTube subscribers.

To Get More Natural Engagement

Last up, buying real subscribers translates to more engagement for your videos and your channel. If the subscribers you buy are real people, there’s a good chance they will interact with your content. If they’re bots, they’re not going to care in the slightest about the videos you publish. 

Things to Check Before Buying YouTube Subscribers

Prior to placing an order for YouTube subscribers, it is essential to conduct the following quality and safety checks:

Safe Delivery

Contrary to popular belief, it is advisable to avoid any social media growth company that promises ‘instant’ delivery. 

Suspiciously fast delivery of social signals can trigger YouTube’s spam filters and lead to the suspension of your channel. Subscribers should only ever be delivered by way of a gradual, drip-feed method that looks 100% natural.

Real Customer Reviews

Be wary of any YouTube growth company with a questionable track record. Stick exclusively with those with stacks of reviews from real customers to verify their reputation. If the general consensus points to a safe bet, that’s probably what you’re looking at.

Secure Payments 

Payment security is of paramount importance, as are privacy and discretion. All transactions should be safeguarded end-to-end with SSL encryption, and you should not be asked to provide any of your sensitive private information to place an order.

Sensible Prices

Sensible pricing means just that – not excessively high prices, but also not suspiciously low. Authentic social signals needn’t cost the earth, but at the same time are not given away for free. A good seller will always offer a broad range of products and packages to suit all budgets.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy YouTube Subscribers? 

You’ll get better value for money by placing a larger order, but you can still pick up a solid package of real YouTube subscribers for less than $10.00.

For example, Media Mister is currently advertising 100 real subscribers for just $19.00, or you can step up to 500 subscribers for as little as $89.00.  

Over at GetAFollower, 50 authentic subscribers will set you back a paltry $10.00, while an order for 250 can be yours for as little as $46.00. 

Buy Real Media offers similar value for money, with country-targeted subscribers starting from as little as $5.00 for 25. They also offer specialist NFT subscribers at rock-bottom prices – a full 1,000 will cost you less than $300.

Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Before placing an order for YouTube subscribers, it is important to carefully consider the following pros and cons:


  • Speed up channel growth: By far, the quickest and easiest way to grow a YouTube channel is to buy subscribers. You need an audience of a decent size to make things happen on YouTube, so why not buy followers to push things in the right direction?
  • More organic subscribers: The larger your audience, the easier it becomes to convince new organic subscribers to get on board with what you do. Buying subscribers can therefore pave the way for a much larger organic subscriber base on YouTube.
  • Engagement boost: Creators with thousands of subscribers are always more attractive and appealing than their less popular counterparts. When you buy subscribers, everything you put out on YouTube becomes more credible and generates more engagement.
  • Influence the YouTube algorithm: Importantly, the number of subscribers you have plays a role in determining whether or not you are promoted by YouTube. The bigger your audience, the greater your influence over the YouTube algorithm.


  • Spam subscribers can be risky: On the downside, setting yourself up with fake subscribers could be the downfall of your channel. YouTube is engineered to detect spam social signals and will not hesitate to suspend or exclude those using them.
  • Not a one-stop solution: Buying subscribers can be great for an initial boost, but it is not an all-around strategy in its own right. You will still need to work on pulling in as many organic subscribers as you can and putting out genuinely epic content.

Final Thoughts

Buying social signals isn’t the weird or unusual growth tactic it once was. From the smallest businesses to the most established influencers, millions of people routinely buy subscribers to boost their channels.

It’s a tactic that can work wonders and can also be significantly more affordable than conventional social media marketing. At the same time, it’s also a strategy to be approached with caution due to the prevalence of spam social signals on the scene.

If you can find a provider that guarantees nothing but 100% real subscribers, you’re golden. If there’s any hint of fake (bot) subscribers in the mix, it’s best to steer clear at all costs. Always seek assurances of authenticity before placing your order, irrespective of how many subscribers you plan to buy. 

This article was written in cooperation with Kudometrics