How to smartly re-use content with an Instagram video downloader

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Instagram is a platform with billions of content in every niche. IGTV tutorials, stories, and feed videos can be uploaded across other channels after you post them on Instagram. Thus, you make your creative discoverable for more viewers and can increase the ROI from the production. 

Instagram video downloader is an online tool that will help you to keep video content from IG and repost it on FB, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Indeed, you should optimize these videos for each channel – read this article to the end to learn how. 

3 creative ways to make the most of Instagram videos 

When creating a video for one channel, think in advance about how you can repurpose it further. One important thing you should have in mind is the format of the video. Not a secret that funny 15-second clips won't naturally fit YouTube, but they might work well for Instagram stories. 

Here are three ideas you can use when outlining your video content:

#1 – Post them on other social networks

Downloading videos from your Instagram is straightforward with an Instagram video downloader. But what to do next? 
  • Download user-generated content and publish on FB groups. If you manage a business on Instagram, you know – reviews are everything. Building trust among your community and attracting new clientele can happen 2X faster if you apply UGC as your tool. For example, you can ask your first consumers or influencers to film unboxing or product demos. They can also record their honest video review on a product or the process of using your service. As soon as you get this content, distribute it on Facebook and other socials where your clients are gathered. 
  • Post DIY on your YouTube channel. YouTube is an extra source of traffic that can drive clients to your website or blog. DIY clips with your products are top-rated on both platforms – IG and YouTube. So, why not to film one and optimize the specifications afterward? 
  • Publish IG clips on Pinterest. Pinterest now is not only a mood board for images. It's a search engine that includes video content and streamlines traffic to your website. This leads us to the fact that you can download related to your niche videos from IG and use them for Pinterest. 
  • Embed into your webpage. If you have reviews on your site, why not to post video testimonials from Instagram? You can download clips of your clients where they demonstrate a product in use and make them an honorable part of your online store. 

#2 – Create a podcast 

If you are filmed an interview with an expert in your niche, you can gain even more engagement if it is converted into a podcast. Many people don't have time to watch videos, but they listen to podcasts when driving or cleaning up. You can convert this audience if you simply download a video from Instagram and convert it into audio. There're tons of apps and services that can remake your clip into a podcast that you further upload to any dedicated platform.  

#3 – Use clips as ad creatives

Do you always wreck your brain when thinking over a creative for your ad? Do you think you need a production and design team to launch a video ad? There's a smoother way!

Detect a clip that gained the most impressions on Instagram; it can be a story, an IGTV, or a feed video. Next, you need to download this video and probably edit it to Facebook ads formats.

Note: this video is a wonderful choice because you've already tested it on your audience. And they liked it, so why not show this masterpiece to a larger audience? 

The point is that you don't need to turn into a content machine – social media in 2021 is overloaded. Instead, use smart techniques to boost the audience of the content you once filmed so that your efforts convert into more profits. 

How Instagram video downloader works

Online downloaders for IG content work as ABC, and usually, they are free unless you don't need to keep millions of videos per day. These tools work similarly:

  1. You need a link to any public IG account. If you aim to save a story or a video from highlights, you need a URL to an Instagram of this user.  Also, you might use a link to a certain content piece – an IGTV or post. 
  2. Insert a link into an online service. There will be a search field where you should input the URL you've copied. 
  3. Find a clip on your device. Usually, you can save clips to a mobile phone or on your computer. 

As soon as you get this content 100% quality, you can start editing and optimizing for re-use. 


You can attract more viewers to your content if you smartly repurpose it on socials. Add to your strategy, several networks, and use free tools to download the videos you need.