Instagram’s well-known page College Confessions is the laughter therapy for all the Gen-Z

  (photo credit: College Confessions)
(photo credit: College Confessions)

Social media has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Especially the teenagers and youngsters spend their time on different social media platforms venting out their feelings freely. Therefore, it is not surprising that the internet has become a platform for people to express themselves. College Confessions and other meme pages have become a huge hit lately where a plethora of content is created for college students.

The social media page of College Confessions was started by Joe Ugenti where he highlighted goof-ups and college issues in a lighter vein. Starting during his college days, the page has a tremendous reach on the gram with more than 5.7 million followers. The page is perhaps the online destination for college students where conversations are laced with fun and humour. Initially, the content shared on the page was anonymous confessions made by the users, but eventually, College Confessions took its content game a notch higher by tackling issues using satire.  

Every individual has had a college memory to cherish. Be it pleasant, nasty or a hilarious experience, there have been numerous college stories of every person. Therefore, College Confessions bridges the gap by bringing out those experiences on its Instagram feed. The Instagram page ‘@collegefessing’ takes a lighter dig at the college stories of students and teachers. Whether it is about backbenchers, nerds, scholars or college sweethearts, the Instagram page covers every aspect of a student’s campus life.

Not to forget, the content created by the team of College Confessions is relatable that can make any layman laugh out loud. The relatability factor has indeed done wonders for Ugenti’s page which is adored by millions of people globally. While the content personifies the types of students in college, it even serves as an entertainment platform for new college goers and graduates.

Leveraging meme and light-hearted content has worked in the favour of the page. With a plethora of content that goes on the page, the posts are anecdotes from day-to-day experiences happening in the life of students. We all have had  student-teacher stories, college romance stories and college tiff stories at some point in our lives. That’s what the content of College Confessions is all about. Not just this, the content created on the page is in sync with social media trends. 

Commenting on it, Ugenti said, “Our target audience is teenagers, college students and the youths working in the corporate space. Through this, we give freshers an insight into campus life and take graduates on a nostalgic ride. Knowing what works the best on the internet, our content is an amalgamation of static memes and video reels.” The best part is that a majority of the content curated by the team is based on the experiences of students. 

Among many interesting aspects, it is the consistency and novelty that has helped College Confessions become a popular name on the internet. So far, it has collaborated with many global brands like IMGN, Hinge, Bud Light Seltzer, Kum & Go and Warner Bros. While speaking about its content, Joe said, “We share all sorts of content on our page. Our content strictly revolves around college students, and we ensure that it invades nobody’s privacy. We have always thought of entertaining the audience, and that’s what we strive to do over the years.”

As College Confessions continues to grow its presence over the internet, Joe Ugenti is planning to build his page as a brand. While signing off, he stated that they might have a clothing brand soon catering to teenagers and youngsters. Looks like the entrepreneur aims to set a benchmark by upscaling the brand of College Confessions over the digital ecosystem.

This article was written in cooperation with Evan Arroyo