Is Israel the next major esports hotspot?

  (photo credit: PEXELS)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Esports (or, electronic sports) is a form of competition using video games. It is a relatively recent concept that has exponentially increased in popularity to become a global phenomenon. In 2023, half a billion people worldwide regularly tune in as spectators. While many countries are slow to adopt this trend, Israel has emerged as a market leader. Israel's population is relatively small - just over 6 million people. Nonetheless, a proportionately large number of Israelis consider themselves passionate gamers and esports fans. Moreover, Israel has developed an innovative approach to gaming with a vibrant startup ecosystem and expanding number of professional gamers. Ergo, Israel is rapidly emerging as an important global esports hub. This article will give an overview.

Esports trends in Israel

Esports in Israel is experiencing a surge in popularity, with innumerable gamers engaging daily. League of Legends, CS: GO, Dota 2, and Overwatch are the most-watched esports in Israel. Furthermore, competitions for games like Hearthstone and StarCraft II have notably proliferated and expanded, with the number of professional teams increasing. These teams have been so successful in international competitions that Israel is widely recognized as a top esports nation. Furthermore, simultaneously there has been a significant elevation in esports betting. As a result, this expansion has also witnessed the rise of comparison sites contrasting countless online esports betting websites, such as Ultimately, patrons are intrigued to observe where the esports paradigm shift in Israel will progress. 

Esports organizations in Israel

The Israeli Esports Association (IEA) is one of many esports groups in the country, dating back to 2018. Regarding esports in Israel, the IEA regulates everything from event planning and promotion to assisting local teams and players. Notable groups include Team 8 - one of the most successful teams in the nation since its inception in 2015. Ironi Gaming, created in 2017, is another organization dedicated to nurturing esports talent. In addition, X-Bet Co is another organization arranging tournaments for a myriad of different games. Lastly, other smaller (but no less significant) groups include G2 Esports Israel and Team Secret Israel, among many others. 

Israel's infrastructure for hosting esports

Large-scale esports tournaments are commonplace in Israel, largely due to extensive and capable infrastructure. The country is home to numerous state-of-the-art convention centers - such as the Tel Aviv Conference Center and the Jerusalem International Convention Center - both offering cutting-edge audiovisual infrastructure and fast internet. Esports competitions are also held at smaller locations dispersed around the country that are gradually expanding in scope and popularity. For example, cafes, LAN centers, and similar establishments are solely devoted to gaming. Moreover, several hotels in Israel provide esports teams and event organizers with special packages offering reduced prices on lodging and use of conference halls. Overall, the cultural climate in Israel is ideal to nurture the burgeoning industry of esports. 

The role of the state

The Israeli government has encouraged the development of the esports industry in a manner that has underpinned its rise. In 2018, Israel's Ministry of Education declared esports an official sport, opening the door for students to participate in competitions and earn scholarships. This was followed by the formation of a national esports body that runs tournaments and gives participants supportive assistance. The government has also invested capital into gaming arenas and training centers that encourage healthy competition. In addition, the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport has funded several esports-related activities - including studies, workshops and tournaments. As a result of these endeavors, in 2023 Israel houses a healthy and thriving professional esports sector.

The future of Israeli esports

The foundations of esports in Israel appear auspicious for the future. Innumerable individuals are engaging in competitive gaming as the genre grows in popularity. It has also led to the formation of numerous new teams and a plethora of new competitions nationwide. Moreover, several groups have formed to promote and support Israeli esports - Esports Israel is one of several contemporary groups that assist individuals and groups to organize and engage with esports. Additionally, there are several professional leagues where the top players compete. Thanks to these recent advancements in the industry, there will be more chances than ever for talented Israeli gamers to establish themselves internationally.

In conclusion, with a growing competitive gaming scene and supportive government policies, Israel is undoubtedly a promising esports hotspot.

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